To put it matter of factly… Touring on a bike conjures up some emotions that you will possibly NEVER, EVER feel if you were in say, a car or a van, or almost definitely in a campervan and most certainly stuck on a bus! Riding the Emerald Isle on two wheels is a thrilling endeavour that all travel-loving and adventure-seeking riders must experience, at least once in their lives. Here in Celtic Rider, roughly 50% of our 2017 clients are returning customers, which definitely says something about our little gem of a country and I guess, our business! It’s not hard for myself (Louise), Liam (Fleet Manager) or Paul (the BOSS) to dive headfirst into each day’s business when your working in a job that is simply so enjoyable. Promoting a touring business in a country whose roads were almost built for bikes certainly is fun. Most people who contact us and want to ride Ireland have possibly had the idea in their heads for years, and we’re aiding them in fulfilling their dreams. When a group of riders initially contact us, and everyone is throwing in their tuppence as to what their ideas of riding Ireland, England Scotland or the Isle of Man are, its all taken on board and they always come out thrilled. I guess you can say that you can create your own movie on this isle, and come back year after year to shoot a new movie without visiting the same scenes over and over. Terry Durant did, he rode with us in 2016, made an awesome video and we’ve had it attached to our email signatures for the past year. So what are you waiting for?! Contact us, and create your own movie!!
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