Motorcycle Rental Ireland

The primary reason that our self-drive package tours are so successful is that Celtic Rider Motorcycle Rental Ireland staff have meticulously put together the absolute best driving routes in Ireland with equally great Irish guesthouses and hotels. This has genuinely taken an enormous amount of time and effort over many years and is still an on-going process. Simply follow the Garmin GPS provided with our carefully selected routes and accommodation already installed.

We call our tours, ‘Push Button’ because this is how we have designed them to be for our clients. We believe in assisting our overseas clients to maximise their experiences while touring Ireland. There is no problem deviating from our suggested route, just make sure to get to your accommodation each evening. Click on links below for more details:

Why choose Celtic Rider Ireland?

Founded in 2007 by Paul & Siobhan Rawlins of Dublin, Celtic Rider Ireland has been recognised by Tourism Ireland, Failte Ireland and the Small Firms Association as a leading light company in the delivery of professionally delivered touring experiences on the island of Ireland.

Celtic Rider Ireland is a small 100% Irish family owned company that cares deeply about our clients, and we were fortunate in 2013 to win a prestigious national award, ‘Winner Outstanding Small Business of 2013’.

All our staff are Irish, knowledgeable about Ireland and passionate to share our beautiful island with overseas tourists. We want our clients to see and experience the real Ireland, with its abundance of visually stunning landscape and coastal vistas, the small old towns and villages where Irish tradition proudly lives on, and not just the usual Tour bus route options.

  • Most people planning a tour of Ireland will find themselves confused once research begins as there is simply an overwhelming array of things to see and experience in our old country.
  • The same goes for accommodation, sometimes what you see advertised on the internet can be disappointing on arrival.

  • So to do away with countless hours of research, simply book your Ireland adventure with Celtic Rider Ireland self-drive Motorcycle & Car tours Ireland.

  • Our premises are only 40 minutes from Dublin Airport and 20 minutes from Dublin city.

As with all our Self-Drive Motorcycle & Car tours, Celtic Rider Ireland designed a safety orientation course (approximately one hour classroom session, followed by one two hours on the road) which was specifically created to introduce drivers who drive on the right side, to Irish driving culture and situations to expect as you tour our island. This safety orientation course is included in our price structure for tours only. Feedback from clients from USA and Canada, and indeed most of the world, are so positively in favour of the benefits of our orientation course, with most riders saying it should be mandatory. Client safety is paramount to Celtic Rider.