Some frequently asked questions and answers…

What are your opening hours?

For motorcycle rentals and Tours, from April 26th to September 26th (inclusive), we are open Monday to Sunday 9am to 5pm, including bank holidays. From October until April we do not hire motorcycles, however the office remains open between all year Monday and Friday from 9am until 5pm daily.

For Celtic Rider Car tours only we are open April 26th  to September 26th.

What is the minimum days I can hire a bike for?

Seven days is our minimum hire for all BMW and Can-Am Sypder motorbikes.

What is the minimum age that I must be to rent from you?

The minimum age for a rental is 25 years. If you are carrying a pillion the minimum age is 30 years of age.

How do we get from Dublin Airport or Dublin City to your rental station in Kill, Co. Kildare?

Simply take a taxi, and ask the driver to Google maps Celtic Rider to get to our home based rental station, normally it takes 30 minutes to get here from either the Airport or Dublin city

Coach to Celtic Rider from Dublin Airport.

To take a coach from Dublin Airport go to the Coach park Zone 16 (just outside arrivals area) and take the ‘Dublin Coach’ to the cinema in Naas. This bus leaves on the hour every half-hour, i.e., 7.30 am, 8am, 8.30 am etc.. Phone us enroute and we will meet you at the bus stop outside the cinema before Naas (second stop). Coming in from Dublin City, take the 126 bus to Kill village, which is only 3 minutes from our premises and we can collect you. Again, this collection is subject to prior arrangement.

Why do you require a damage deposit?

Damage deposits are quite a normal procedure around the world in both motorcycle and car rental companies for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, accidental damage must be repaired to maintain our motorcycles in pristine condition. In the event of an accident where no other vehicle was involved, the total damage deposit is held until proper assessment of damage is completed. We use approved local BMW dealerships to estimate for repairs and to carry out such repairs. Any balance due back to our clients will be refunded straight after we receive a final invoice. Damage deposits reserved on BMW motorbikes is €1500 for motorcycles staying in Ireland, and €2500 for motorcycles going abroad.

What documents do you require to enable me to rent a motorcycle?

We require your regular driving licence and your Passport, and if you are from a non-European country your Boarding pass, in the event you may wish to purchase anything with no sales tax in Celtic Rider. For example, Klim riding gear with level two armour, helmets, branded merchandise etc,

Our insurance company accepts all valid licence’s from riders country of origin. International licences are perfectly acceptable but not required.

Do you have self-guided tour packages which include accommodation and routes? What can I expect if I book a tour?

Yes, when you book a tour we will look after you from start to finish of your trip! We ask riders to arrive at our rental station between 9.30am to 10am. After signing up the paperwork you will then sit through our short Safety Orientation video, designed specifically to advise on practical things you will encounter on your tour. Followed by a Celtic Rider team member leading you out on your tour for an hour or two. Both these safety initiatives will set you up for a safe and memorable tour.

This safety orientation ride out and classroom course really does prepare you for riding in Ireland and it fills you in on our road laws. You will also receive complimentary Celtic Rider t-shirts, neck bandana’s, badges, embroidery patches and baseball hats! We organize all of your accommodation when you are touring with us, and you will have a Garmin sat-nav set to bring you to your accommodation each day. Your Garmin will be loaded with ‘must-see hotspots’ along your journey, and if you veer off route it will set you back on track again. All of our bikes come with a top-box, and side cases. There should be ample storage for you on the bike, and you can leave your suitcase and luggage bags in our safe storage room. Accommodation is located in nice traditional Irish or Scottish towns and villages.

I am interested in purchasing a gift voucher, do you sell these?

Yes we do, gift vouchers have proven to be quite popular over the last few years. Click Gifts & Vouchers to purchase a gift voucher and Celtic Rider merchandise.

Is B&B or hotel accommodation readily available in Ireland and is it necessary to pre-book for the duration of my trip?

Ireland has long understood the value and importance of tourism, and B&B’s and hotels are found everywhere in Ireland. Accommodation is generally easy to find even when not pre-arranged, although naturally during the peak-season you could be taking a chance. Generally though, there are excellent deals to be had in Irish hotels and the consistent high standard of accommodation is fantastic by international standards. I would advise pre-booking your first evening’s accommodation as this can be a long day and having your destination booked is wise.

Can I take one of your motorcycles to the Isle of Man, UK or Europe?

Yes! Our motorcycles can now be taken throughout Europe.

My friends and I want to organize a group holiday on your motorcycles; can we rent a number of machines from you?

Yes! We would be happy to organise group bookings. Our fleet for the coming season consists of 40 BMW motorcycles and Six Can-am Spyders

What protective clothing do you recommend I wear?

It is a legal requirement in Ireland to wear a helmet, so this is the absolute minimum item by law. Helmets are free of charge. Mostly modular LS 2 helmets. We have all the relevant protective waterproof motorcycle gear for hire or sale, tax free to non European riders. The brand we use is top end Klim, guaranteed waterproof with the best armour and venting possible. Stocked in all sizes which can be rented from us at a total cost of only €20 per day per person. This includes Klim all-weather armoured jackets and pants, gloves, Stylmartin Gore-Tex boots.

We have over 140 complete outfits ranging from XXS to XXXXXL and boots ranging from UK sizes 3 to 14. We have something for everybody as we realise from our travels abroad how difficult and expensive it can be to bring your own riding gear.

What happens if the rental motorcycle is damaged as a result of an accident involving a third party?

In the event of an accident the Gardaí must be notified as must a Celtic Rider staff member. The damage deposit taken on collection of the motorcycle is used to offset the cost of repairs. If another vehicle is involved and it is established that this vehicle and the driver are the guilty party, the damage deposit will be refunded to you.

What happens if a motorcycle is damaged as a result of an accident in which I am the guilty party?

In the event of an accident, your full damage deposit will be held on the authorised credit card until the final repair invoices are received. Where an accident occurs after which our motorcycle is deemed to be un-roadworthy and which is the fault of the client, the rental contract is immediately terminated with no refund. Clients will be notified by email or phone of cost of repairs and any refund due will be refunded immediately.

Is it permissible for the pillion passenger to drive the motorcycle during the rental period?

Yes, if it is agreed at the time of collection. Once the pillion (rider to be) meets the rider requirements, and a copy of a valid licence is taken, along with rental agreements being signed and attached to the rental documents the pillion passenger can ride the motorcycle.

What can we do with our excess baggage? We will be happy to hold onto your excess baggage at our dedicated Luggage Storage Room. This is free of charge.