Hypoallergenic Neckbuff

//Hypoallergenic Neckbuff

Hypoallergenic Neckbuff


Made of hypoallergenic fabric, our Celtic Rider neckbuff features an array of our logo’s and Irish emblems. A must-wear for all motorcycle riders, neckbuff’skeep draughts from your neck and chest and keep the noise down when pulled up over your ears.



These ultra sleek, hypo-allergenic rider’s neckbuff’s are a must-have for all seasoned riders. Black with our infamous Celtic Rider logo, a harp, a leprechaun & a shamrock… our uniquely Irish themed neckbuff’s will keep wind from your chest in both cold and mild temperatures. Pull this right down over your head, or keep half of it over your ears in colder weather to stay warm. At only €13 it is a great purchase!

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Weight .4 kg

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