Celtic Rider Ireland Tours (Est 2007) are officially approved by Tourism Ireland and Failte Ireland. We are Irelands first and largest Motorcycle Rental & Touring company, with 56 motorcycles in our fleet.

Proud Winner of National Small Firms association ‘Outstanding Small Business 2013’ awarded to Celtic Rider Motorcycle Rental & Tours Ireland, also Dublin Business of the Year 2011.

Celtic Rider, Motorcycle Rental In Ireland, has compiled since 2007 a selection of award winning self-guided tours with daily routes, safety orientation and nice accommodation included in the price. This has taken quite some effort on our part, and is an ongoing important component of the development of Celtic Rider, but it really is a most wonderful option for our clients. Indeed over 80% of our turnover is now Self-drive tour packages, versus motorcycle hire only. We have found from our client’s positive feedback over many years, that they were extremely happy with the routes we created, which are designed to allow overseas riders to maximise their experiences each day, and our choice of quality B&B or hotel accommodation, and equally important is the location of the accommodation providers in traditional towns and villages. All motorcycles are fitted with Garmin Zumo 590 GPS, which each day’s route downloaded, including the address of the accommodation provider, leading to a hassle-free tour.

After eight claim free years, our Insurance underwriters have allowed our motorcycles to be taken to Mainland Europe from 2017 onwards, opening limitless touring experiences. This European tour, our first foray into Europe, is in its standard format 21 days in duration, but can be reduced or extended to allow for rest or exploratory days.

Day 1 – Celtic Rider Rental Station to Rosslare, Wexford, or Dublin Port. Ferry to Cherbourg, (Northern Normandy, France)

  • Today is the first day of your Ultimate European Adventure. Pick-up from your hotel at 8.30am, arrival shortly afterwards to Celtic Rider. Meet the team, have tea/coffee and be introduced to your Motorcycle rental in Ireland. Receive your Celtic Rider merchandise and begin packing. You will be furnished with inner liner bags which will fit into your top box and side cases. You are welcome to a tank bag and/or waterproof roll-up bag also.

  • Sit through our award-winning Safety Orientation Course, this will fill you in on Irish, UK and European road laws and what to watch out for when riding. Followed by one hour Safety Ride-out with a Celtic Rider team member.
  • Depart Celtic Rider, making your way through the stunning Wicklow National Park. Take in the Moorish landscapes around you as you continue on to Dublin or Rosslare Port.

  • Arrive at either Dublin City Port or Rosslare Port, for either the 4.30pm or 3.30 pm sailing, check into your four-star cabin for the evening. Your ferry will arrive in Cherbourg, Northern France in the morning between 11.30am and 12.30pm.

Day 2 – Cherbourg (Le Nord, France) to Mont Saint Michel (Normandy, France) via Omaha Beach (131 Miles / 209 Km)

  • Bienvenue en France! Disembark ferry, your first stop today is the D-Day landing beach, Omaha Beach. Commemorating the American and Canadian soldiers. Emotional experience at this cemetery area. You’ll see the German bunkers dotted around the beach, the Les Braves sculpture on the seafront. Visit Musée Mémorial d’Omaha Beach.

  • Onwards now heading southbound, you will be making your way towards Mont Saint Michel, passing through Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin Natural Regional Park. You’ll notice the traditional, quaint cobble locked squares and Normandy style buildings.

  • Arriving in Mont Saint Michel, your hotel provides parking. Freshen up, then visit the famous UNESCO World heritage site this afternoon. Access to the site is on a 12 minute tram called the ‘Passeur’, or by walking. The tram runs from 7.30am until midnight. Either way it is a charming experience. Mont Saint Michel, and its history and architecture are very interesting.

  • Enjoy your evening and good French cuisine in the town of Mont Saint Michel.

Day 3 – Mont Saint Michel (Normandy, France) to Nantes (Pays de la Loire, France) (118 Miles / 189 Km)

  • After breakfast, you will be making your way to the 6th largest city in France, Nantes. A longer journey ahead of you today as we delve deeper into southern France on your European tour.
  • Arriving in the bustling city of Nantes, we suggest that you park up and visit some of the many attractions that are on offer. One of which is the Machines of the Isle of Nantes.

  • Also, worth visiting is Nantes Cathedral, and the French destroyer Maillé-Brézé and the botanical gardens named the Jardin des Plantes de Nantes.

  • Sadly, Nantes had the largest slave trade in Europe. The Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery is a riverside walk of some three hundred and fifty metres in length. Constructed beautifully, it honestly shows the exploitation of slaves, as they were known during this cruel era. A poignant attraction.

  • Restaurants are abundant in Nantes, and after today’s journey and strolling around we hope that you enjoy your evening meal in one of the local restaurants.

Day 4 – Nantes (Pays de la Loire, France) to Bordeaux (Nouvelle Aquitaine, France) via Marais Poitevin Natural Regional Park & La Rochelle (217 Miles / 348 Km)

  • Breakfast first, then gear up for a long day’s ride ahead of you.

  • Continuing southwards, you will be heading for the beautiful wine-growing region of Bordeaux in southern France.

  • Meandering your way down from Nantes, we recommend that you stop off around Marais Poitevin Natural Regional Park for lunch.

  • Continue down towards Rocheford, through the green flatlands into the famous wine-growing hub of southern France.

  • Located on the Garonne River we recommend a hearty meal in one of the wonderful restaurants – of which there are plenty.

  • Thoroughly recommended is some wine tasting in the La Cité du Vin. The La Cité du Vin isa dedicated wine-tasting museum devoted to the cultural, universal and living heritage of wine. The views from the 8th floor, 35 meter belvedere are not to be missed!

Day 5 – Bordeaux (Nouvelle Aquitaine, France) to Lourdes (Pyrenees, France) (143 Miles / 230 Km)

  • Departing Bordeaux, todays route brings you down through lightly forested green-lands, to the second most visited city in France, Lourdes.

  • Nestled on the foothills of the Pyrenees, Lourdes is overlooked from the south by the peaks of the Pyrenees.

  • The architecture of some of the churches, basilicas and cathedrals in Lourdes is magnificent and immaculately kept.

  • Take the funicular train which brings you up to the Pic du Jer mountain top, which towers over the city at an altitude of 1,000 meters.

  • The thousand-year-old fortress Chateau Fort of Lourdes is worth a visit. The 14th Century botanical garden and Pyrenean Museum are also located here.

  • Again, enjoy a relaxing evening in Lourdes, there are plenty of good restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Day 6 – Lourdes (Pyrenees, France) to Andorra (Andorra) via the Pyrenees Mountains (161 Miles / 260 Km)

  • Departing Lourdes, todays exciting ride brings you over the best of the Pyrenees Mountains.

  • First over the Tourmalet peak standing at 2,115 metres. The Tour de France passes over the Col du Tourmalet, on the peak you’ll see the remarkable silver statue of Octave Lapize gasping for air. He won the 1910 tour and this is an unmissable photo opportunity!

  • Continuing on now to some great straights and twisty hairpins. Look up and around you at the magnificent sights around you.

  • Midway from Lourdes to Andorra you’ll be crossing the border into Catalonia, Northern Spain. Bienvenido a España!

  • You’ll be entering the Natural Park of Posets-Maladeta, look to the south and you’ll see the highest peak in the area, Aneto and next to the second highest Maladeta.

  • Continuing on you’ll be meandering yourself around some awesome twisties before arriving in the tax free haven of Andorra.

  • This tiny principality of Andorra has an interesting automobile museum called the Museu Nacional de l’Automòbil (National Automobile Museum). Open until 6/7pm most days, it has restored vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles and even some bicycles. Just a few brands on show are Porsche, Bugatti, Peugeot, Morris, MG, Chevrolet, Rolls Royce…

  • Enjoy your evening in Andorra la Vella, as there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from once again.

Day 7 – Andorra (Andorra) to Sète (Languedoc Roussillion, France) (177 Miles / 285 Km)

  • Departing Andorra la Vella, todays route will bring you first through the neighbouring town of Canillo where you have an opportunity to visit another museum. The is Museo de la Moto is a dedicated motorcycle museum with bikes from the 1890’s on show. There is a four seat WWII military BMW with the machine gun still attached, a 1960’s British Police bike with the thermos flask… Interesting stuff if you are a motorcycle enthusiast.

  • From here you will continue north east towards the French boarder. A blend of lovely curvy and straight roads ahead.

  • Another optional stop-off is you are interested in natural history is Dinosauria – a museum showing dinosaur models and real dinosaur skeletons. You could have lunch her or continue to the more traditional town of Carcassonne.

  • Carcassonne is a stunning hilltop town which is famous for its medieval citadel, La Cité. Dating back to Gallo-Roman time you will see the double-walled fortifications and watchtowers.

  • Progressing eastwards now, you will be making your way towards the large port town of Sète. Check into your hotel and enjoy your evening.

  • Sète offers up some wonderful walkways along its waterways and harbour paths. A visit to the Saint-Louis Lighthouse on the eastern harbour wall is worth as look. If you travel up the spiral stairways the views overlooking the harbours, with the sea of masts drifting below you in the water are fantastic. You will see the 175-meter hills of Mont Saint-Clair before you.

  • Hop on the Petit Train, which will bring you around the new commercial port and the historical one, and runs from 11am until midnight. Or choose a Sète boat trip.
  • Take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea! The sandy beaches feel wonderful under your feet!

Day 8 – Sète (Languedoc Roussillion, France) to Luberon (Provence, (Lavender Fields) France) (128 Miles / 205 Km)

  • Departing the port town of Sète, heading for the stunning, perfumed area of Luberon.

  • Riding alongside the Mediterranean Sea for the first 45 kilometres, you will then ride through Parc Naturel Régional des Alpilles (Alpilles Natural Regional Park).

  • Optional visit to Musée Estrine – Présence Van Gogh art museum, and the agricultural Camargue Regional Park and Nature Reserve museum.

  • Onwards now, your next optional stop-off is the Lavender Museum in the small town of Coustellet.

  • See the hilltop town of Luberon in the distance. This area brought inspiration to many artists, and made literary history as the setting for author Peter Mayle’s ‘A Year in Provence’, a memoir that developed into a series of novels, from which the Hollywood movie ‘A Good Year’ starring Russell Crow, came from.

  • Between the sunny Mediterranean climate and the wildflower dustings in the breeze you will understand why this natural area of beauty is one of our chosen locations.

  • Enjoy your evening in Luberon, again there is a good choice of restaurants and cafes on offer.

Day 9 – Luberon (Provence, (Lavender Fields) France) to Turin (Northern Italy) (204 Miles / 327 Km)

  • Departing Luberon, en route to Turin through northern Italy’s mountainous regions. 200kms down the road you will be entering Italy.

  • Plenty of fun, curvy roads and by looking around, you’ll see peak after peak of dramatic unspoilt beauty.

  • In the French countryside most restaurants open at 7pm for dinner, and not at all for lunch. We recommend having lunch in the town of Jausiers, only 23 kms from the French Italian border.

  • Benvenuto a Italia! The road down the far side of this mountain range is mind-blowing! From the foothills of the mountains you are only 96 kilometres of flatroads to Turin.

  • Entering Turin, notice the stately Baroque buildings, grand palaces, busy cafes and tree-lined squares. This metropolitan city is a beehive of activity, and you’ll be mesmerized looking around at the architecture and grandiose of the buildings.

  • Notice the snowy Alps to the northwest of the city.

  • We recommend that you check into your hotel, then stroll around what was once the capitol of Italy, albeit only for four years.

  • Worth visiting of you are into historical Egyptian artefacts is the Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum of Turin). This is home to the most impressive collection of Egyptian artefacts in the World.

  • Enjoy your Italian evening, loose yourself in the cultural markets offering food and souvenirs amongst many other things.

Day 10 – Turin (Northern Italy) to Como (Northern Italy) (122 Miles / 200 Km)

  • You will be riding north east today, making your way towards the city of Como. Nestled on the foothills of the Alps, this journey should take roughly four hours leaving you with plenty of time to visit the lake and take in some of the attractions of Como. Known for it’s most famous inhabitant, George Clooney, and as being the set of the Ocean’s Twelve Nescafe advert. Como has been a popular hideaway since the Roman Empire.

  • Take a boat ride out onto the lake, or hop on the seven minute funicular railway which brings you from Como to the hilltop town of Brunate. From Brunate the views of the Alps and Lake Como are breath-taking.

  • Piazza Volta is also worth checking out. This is home of Como-born Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the battery!

  • Enjoy your evening in the city of Como.

Day 11 – Como (Northern Italy) to Bormio (Alps, Northern Italy) (103 Miles / 165 KM)

  • Skirting around the west side of the lake, after 75 kilometres Como will be behind you and you will be heading north towards Bormio.

  • Nestled on the foothills of the Alps, Bormio is a medieval city of Old World charm, local traditions, and alpine pastoral heritage.

  • Strolling around Bormio, this quaint town offers up some interesting hearty dishes. Traditional restaurants are plentiful.

  • Your hotel will have a steam room and sauna, and we suggest that you take the evening to relax your body and enjoy your hotel amenities before embarking on tomorrow’s monumental ride – The Passo Dello Stelvio.

Day 12 – Bormio (Alps, Northern Italy) to Füssen, 2 nights, (Bavaria, Germany) via the Passo Dello Stelvio (123 Miles / 198 Km)

  • This is a day of riding that should forever excite you when you reminisce of your motorcycle days. The infamous Passo Dello Stelvio, it’s 75 switchbacks, 48 of which are on the northside as you descend the 2,757 meter high pass.

  • Departing Bormio, you begin ascending almost immediately. Riding the exciting straights are the times when you glance up and around you. The towering snow-capped peaks, rocky, mountainous green scenes that surround you and the freshest air that you can breathe. This is what real bikers dream of…. Enjoy it to the fullest.

  • When you hit the peak, park up the bike. There is ample parking and a plethora of motorcyclists and cyclists. Look around at the scene before you, you are now standing on the second highest of the Alps, coming in shy by 7 meters to France’s Col de l’Iseran.

  • Although a busy spot, you can grab lunch here before commencing on to Füssen. There are a few cafes and restaurants on the pass, also a guy called Bruno selling his famous hot-dogs who has been there for years! You’ll see Bruno under his yellow awning and his hot-dogs are delish.

  • Continuing down the pass, a thrilling 48 switchbacks before you. Soon you’ll be passing Lake Reschensee. This is the most famous drowned town in Italy, you can see the 14th Century bell tower jutting out of the lake. 163 homes and 523 hectares were submerged in 1939.

  • Continue north into the Bavarian town of Füssen. This lively town is where you will stay for two nights as it is only 4 kms from the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. Walt Disney based his own Disneyland Castle on this castle. You’ll see why when you get there!

Motorcycle rental in Ireland

Day 13 – Füssen to Füssen, visiting Neuschwanstein Castle & Linderhof Palace (58 Miles / 94 Km)

  • After breakfast, your first location is the romantic Neuschwanstein Castle. Park the bike up at the lake carpark, passing all of the carparks on the bottom of the hill, this will save you the uphill walk to the castle.

  • Buy your tickets first as there is usually a waiting time before your tour commences. Your first visit should be to Mary’s Bridge to view the castle from a distance. Hop on the bus for the short journey up to Mary’s Bridge. Unparalleled views await you as you see the sheer cliff face the 150-meter-long castle sits on.

  • Enjoy your castle tour, you’ll be blown away at the castle interior and the extravagance that King Ludwig built out of his own personal fortune.

  • We recommend lunch in one of the local restaurants in this area before commencing to Linderholf Palace.

  • Departing Neuschwanstein Castle, your next location is the equally impressive and extravagant Linderholf Palace. A 45 kilometre ride down, you’ll pass back into Austria and then into Germany again. The forested areas that you’ll be passing, along the lakes edge make for a spectacular spin.

  • Arriving at Linderhof, park up in the carpark and make your way to the tourist centre where you purchase your tickets for the self-guided tour. Access into the palace, grotto and other buildings is only through the tour, which lasts 30 minutes and costs only €8.50.

  • Departing Linderhof you’ll be making your way back to Füssen for your second night.

Day 14 – Füssen (Bavaria, Germany) to Stein am Rhein (Switzerland) (112 Miles / 180 Km)

  • Riding west, today’s route brings you through some stunning scenic areas. Riding first through Germany, then into Austria and then into the mountainous central European country of Switzerland.

  • Passing into Switzerland, you’ll see Säntis Mountain, the highest mountain in the Alpstein Massif of north-eastern Switzerland standing at 2,502 metres to the far south. Notice the lush green agricultural flatlands of Switzerland as you ride your route.

  • You’ll arrive in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland where you’ll stay for the evening. Boasting of having the most beautiful square in Switzerland, this quaint town nicknamed the ‘Jewel of the Untersee’ offers well preserved medieval architecture, the most exquisitely painted facades in the Rathausplatz square, meandering alleys and a mix of al fresco cafes and restaurants.

  • Visit the Museum Kloster Sankt Georgen which is a very well preserved Benedictine monastery. Enjoy the riverside walks around the town and settle in for the evening.

  • There is an array of cafes and restaurants to choose form for your evening meal. We hope you enjoy your evening in Switzerland.

Day 15 – Stein am Rhein (Switzerland) to Nancy (Lorraine, France) (187 Miles / 300 Km)

  • Departing Stein am Rhein, today’s ride brings you northwest into Nancy, north eastern France.

  • Although today’s route is 300 kilometres, it is a pleasant ride through some lovely country roads and wooded areas. Small villages dotted along roads between cities and towns, Frances countryside is calm and agricultural.

  • Upon arriving in the city of Nantes, we recommend that you park up at your hotel and visit some of the attractions in this vibrant artistic city. Place Stanislas is an 18th Century royal square, and a UNESCO listed site and offers some superb cafes and restaurants with seating on the square… Perfect for people-watching on a summers evening.

  • A 27 hectare botanical garden called Jardin Botanique du Montet is a nice walk, as is Parc de la Pépinière, a quiet park next to the main Place Stanislas square.

  • There are plenty of architectural buildings and cultural monuments to see in Nantes, along with a great array of bars, cafes, restaurants and markets to visit.

  • Try the sweet macaroons and Bergamotes de Nancy (19th Century confectionaries made of the essential oil of bergamot), they are traditional sweets from the city of Nancy and make great gifts for those at home.

Motorcycle rental in Ireland
Motorcycle rental in Ireland
Motorcycle rental in Ireland

Day 16 – Nancy (Lorraine, France) to Reims (La Champagne, France) (125 Miles / 200 Km)

  • Breakfast first, then veering northwest, today’s route brings you to Reims, the city where for over 1,000 years Kings of France were crowned in the 13th Century Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims.

  • Riding through Regional Natural Park of Lorraine, a lightly forested area with some nice smooth country roads ahead of you. Reims is the unofficial capitol of the champagne growing region, you’ll find champagne tasting at most restaurants.

  • Take a visit to Cité du Champagne: Museum of Champagne in the UNESCO World Heritage vineyards of Aÿ.

  • If you are interested in WWII history visit Musée de la Reddition. This focuses on the German surrender of WWII, US General Eisenhower temporarily based himself there before becoming the 34th President of the United States of America.

  • There are some Old World, art deco café’s dotted around Reims, we recommend that you soak up the culture of this interesting city and enjoy your evening moseying around.

Day 17 – Reims (La Champagne, France) to Calais (Nord pas de Calais, France) (180 Miles / 289 Km)

  • After your evening in Reims, this morning’s route will bring you to Calais, where you will spend your last night in mainland Europe. Riding through some charming towns and villages, agricultural France offers some relaxing roads today.

  • Arriving in Calais, park up and check into your hotel. This busy port city offers some enjoyable walking on its sandy beaches, and you can view the ships sailing in and out of this busy harbour.

  • Calais Lighthouse was built in the 19th century and stands tall at 51 metres high. There are 271 steps to climb the top, entrance is €2.50. You can see across the English Channel to Dover on a clear day.

  • There is no shortage of good restaurants in Calais, and we hope that you enjoy reflecting on what has been a monumental and enjoyable tour of Europe so far. Our goal is that your tour has been one of the most wonderful trips that you have ever had, and that our routes and accommodations have exceeded any expectation that you had.

Day 18 – Calais (Nord pas de Calais) to Oxford via Dover (England) (146 Miles / 233 Km)

  • This morning’s ferry to Dover is a short 30 minute sailing. After breakfast, board your ferry and arriving in England, make your way north west towards the university city of Oxford.

  • Skirting over London, you’ll notice many of the buildings are red brick, in keeping with the Industrial Revolution. England was the hub of the Revolution, red bricked buildings are in surplus and synonymous with the major building boom that took place in the 18th and 19th Century due to the introduction of machines in manufacturing and increasing the use of steam power, the development of machine tools and the rise of the factory system.
  • Arriving in Oxford, which was nicknamed the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’ by poet Matthew Arnold because of its 38 collages, you’ll note the beauty of this welcoming, bustling city. Some of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter movies were set around Oxford, if you are a fan why not delve into the mystical locations that were used as backdrops for the movies that are possibly the biggest selling literary series in the world?!

  • Oxford is a busy city, a haven for music, culture, history and arts. Strolling around this beautiful city is a feast for the eyes. Well-kept buildings, tree-lined streets and an abundancy of things to see should keep you entertained for the evening.

  • Dining this evening should be enjoyable, the quality of food and drink in Oxford is first class.

Motorcycle rental in Ireland
Motorcycle rental in Ireland
Motorcycle rental in Ireland

Day 19 – Oxford to Shropshire Hills (104 Miles / 166 Km)

  • Onwards towards the Shropshire Hills, this area has been labelled an ‘Area of Natural Beauty (AONB)’, and you’ll see why when you get there.

  • Skirting around Gloucestershire first, passing the renowned Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival. This is an affluent area and home to many English actors, musicians and sportsmen.

  • Bordering with Wales, the rolling farmlands, woods and rivers offer geology and wildlife ingrained with heritage and traditions. Entering the Shropshire Hills area, to your right you will see Brown Clee Hill, the highest hill in rural Shropshire standing at 540 metres.

  • Check into your hotel, stretch your legs and stroll around the town. Shropshire offers an abundance of lively pubs, restaurants and independent shops.

Day 20 – Shropshire Hills (England) to Dublin (Ireland), via Snowdonia National Park & Holyhead (Wales) (138 Miles / 220 Km)

  • Today’s route brings you east into Wales, then north into Snowdonia National Park.

  • Snowdonia is home to the highest mountains that Wales and England have to offer, we recommend that you take the Snowdon Mountain Railway steam train up to the summit. The Snowdon Lily and Mountain Goat are heritage steam trains from 1896. This experience lasts two and a half hours, and the train leaves from Llanberis Train Station.

  • Have lunch in Llanberis, and continue on to Holyhead, where you will board your ferry to Dublin.

  • Arriving in Dublin your hotel is a short stint from the ferry terminal. Park up and enjoy your evening in Dublin. You’ll notice how each city has its own personality and offerings, Dublin is known for its ‘craic agus ceoil’ (fun and music). Our Irish pubs are second to none and the quality of Irish food is outstanding. Enjoy your evening, and we will see you tomorrow.

Day 21 – Dublin City to Celtic Rider (19 Miles / 30 Km)

  • Taking your time, today’s short ride from the city should only take you 20 or 30 minutes. We will be excited to see you again, and looking forward to hearing about your Ultimate European Adventure. After tea/coffee, unpack and relax. When you are ready we will then drop you back to your hotel/airport.

motorcycle rentals in ireland
motorcycle rental in ireland
motorcycle rental in ireland

Pricing & Details *please note that we endeavor to keep all prices as stated below, however due to certain peak times some accommodation providers costs increase and this can be reflected on your quote. All prices below are ‘From’ the price stated but more often they are the actual price stated.

Category A

  • From €8,565 Single Rider
  • From €10,265 Rider + Pillion
  • From €14,610 2 Riders Sharing
  • BMW F750GS, Honda NC750X / CB 500X / CMX 500, Yamaha V-Star 950

Category B

  • From €8,985 Single Rider
  • From €10,685 Rider + Pillion
  • From €15,450 2 Riders Sharing
  • BMW R 1250 GS, BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

Optional extras

Hire of premium guaranteed waterproof KLIM riding gear is €20 per day.

The Celtic Rider Package

  • motorcycle rental in Ireland, which includes, top box, side cases and inner bags

  • Accommodation in Irish owned B&B guesthouses of a very high standard, personally hand selected by Paul Rawlins, founder and owner of Celtic Rider

  • Award winning 2 hour long orientation course specifically designed for riders from countries that ride on the opposite side of the road to Ireland which is guaranteed to enhance your overall riding experience, here in Ireland

  • Transfer to and from Celtic Rider Rental Station from either Dublin City or Dublin Airport

  • Comprehensive insurance, with an excess of €1,500 which is the maximum charged for accidental damage or theft

  • Unlimited mileage, full tank of fuel on departure, to be returned with full tank of fuel.

  • The latest Garmin Zumo 590, with our award winning routes pre-programmed for each days ride, map and comprehensive advice, prior to your departure
  • Helmet – Approved European Standard plus Richa Rainsuit

  • Breakdown cover, (excludes punctures as all bikes are supplied with repair kits)

  • Celtic Rider merchandise, Including t-shirt, baseball cap, neck bandana, warm fleece hoody and badges

  • Free secure storage of luggage cases at our premises

  • Breakfast every morning at your lodgings

  • Not included are fuel, food, drinks, ferries, parking, entrance to tourist sites, fines, tickets or any other personal costs you may incur during your trip

Some of Our Small Print

Riders must have a full license for riding the category of motorcycles that we rent and the rider must be 25 years of age or older.A pre-authorisation for damage excess of €1500 will be reserved on your credit card on collection of the motorcycle. For motorcycles going abroad the damage deposit is €2500. This is the maximum cost charged in the event of accidental damage or theft. Your signature on the rental agreement page shall constitute authority for us to debit the final total charges against your account and your specific card-issuing organization. Celtic Rider office staff must be notified immediately of any accidents.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions

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