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The Winnings in Ireland 

   A very sincere thank you to The Celtic Rider team for helping make our first trip to Ireland a wonderful experience.  Paul, Louise and Liam could not have been more gracious hosts.  We did the 9-day tour in June 2016 and before we got a couple days into the trip we were already planning a return visit to Ireland and Celtic Rider.  We rented a 1200GS which was a perfect 2-up bike for the Irish roads.  Although a high mileage bike, it ran flawlessly for the entire trip.  We also rented full riding gear and were impressed by the quality and the wide selection of gear available.  The orientation that Paul provided was very helpful in getting me comfortable to the Irish roads and signage.

Our 9-day tour took us pretty much around the entire Republic of Ireland in a counter-clockwise fashion starting with a 2-day stay in Donegal in NW Ireland.  Paul has programmed the routes along with points of interest into a Garmin Zumo GPS that are installed on the bikes.  A word of caution…..although each day’s travel is generally only about 130 miles, there is so much to do and see we found it difficult to get through each day’s travel in less than 8-10 hours.  From Donegal we traveled to Westport (County Mayo), Bunratty (County Clare), and Killarney (County Kerry) before returning to the Celtic Rider headquarters in the outskirts of Dublin.  The B&Bs that Paul reserved for us were excellent and there were great Pubs in each of the towns we stayed.

Some observations regarding the riding experience in Ireland.  It did not take me long to get used to riding on the left and to master the very frequent roundabouts. A truck coming at you head-on in the right lane and a head slap from the pillion passenger helps accelerate the learning process.  Ireland makes very good use of road signs and after a while I became very aware of road conditions and hazards from the signs.  However, occasionally you will come upon a very sharp bend and/or narrow section which did not have road signs to alert you.  Constant attention is critical.  You don’t see distracted driving like you do here – distracted drivers probably don’t last long in Ireland. Visibility on some of the side roads can be an issue. Hedges and foliage is thick and grows right to the side of the road with no shoulders making visibility around bends difficult. Another issue on the side roads is livestock.  Ireland has a lot of sheep.  Quite a few times we would come around a bend to find sheep wandering around on the road.  The good news is they tend to scamper away from the road and not across it like deer do.

The scenery in Ireland is spectacular with beautiful green valleys, mist covered mountains, seaside cliffs, and quaint villages.  With the exception of the popular tourist areas like the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry the traffic was light and most of the time nonexistent.  Even more spectacular are the Irish.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful the Irish treated us.  The food in the pubs is actually very good and the Guinness is so much better than what we get here.  The Europe Cup soccer matches were going on while we were there and were the big entertainment in the pubs.  Most nights you can find a pub that has live Irish music.

What was our favorite part of the trip……..EVERYTHING!  Highlights of places visited include the majestic Slieve League Cliffs, the ride through Doo Lough mountain pass, going over Conor pass in dense fog and rain, the crazy limestone formations of the Burren, and the incredibly beautiful and serene Gap of Dunloe.  Our favorite pub was The Laurels in Killarney where the food was outstanding and the service and craic was wonderful.

The trip far exceeded our expectations and we are already planning another Ireland vacation for next year.  Touring Ireland by motorcycle is definitely the way to go and we highly recommend Celtic Riders.

Jim & Carol Winning

Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA

Two very happy travellers....

   Thank you Celtic Rider, Paul, Louise and Liam.  We had an amazing adventure touring Ireland and Scotland.  We were very pleased with our itinerary.  The 1200 GS was perfect for the tour.  Our accommodation was great.  The Bed and Breakfast bookings were beautiful, and hosts made us feel very welcome.  We really appreciate your assistance booking the extra days to go to Islay, it was certainly worth the visit.  We arrived as customers, but feel that we left as friends.  Would love to return again. 

Colleen and Delmar

Above and Beyond....

Ever since I was a young man it had been a dream of mine to return to the land of my ancestors, the emerald Isle. But as it happens in big city America, all work and no play made me a dull boy. The death of a near friend was finally enough to spark me to action. My four boys are all in their 20’s, none of them are married, and none of them had any other impedances that would prevent them from going. I had to acknowledge this is a state of affairs that is not going to last forever. The next challenge was to figure out HOW to go. I wanted us to be deeply immersed in Ireland; not to see it from a bus or the insides of a car. I discovered Paul Rawlins and Celtic Rider Ireland from an internet search. My boys and I had dirt bike riding experience, and I knew right away that seeing Ireland by motorcycle would make this journey the adventure of a lifetime. Two weeks touring Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way coastal route, and blending in adjacent mountain passes each day too.

I informed Paul of my preferences by email correspondence and phone calls, back roads, live music, local culture, and great food. In short, Paul was amazing! I realize now that only through his own personal experiences could he have put together such a trip. The accommodations along the way were wonderful. The food was incredible. The motorcycles were excellent. We had zero mechanical problems. The Garmin’s performed flawlessly. We could get off track, and they would find us a new paths to our programed destination.

Granted, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous by itself, and Irish road conditions and weather may add to the challenge. Prior to our departure from Celtic Rider, Paul thoroughly and carefully prepared us for all of them. There was never any doubt that our safety and satisfaction were his primary concerns.

If you were to ask me today, I will tell you there is absolutely no other way to travel. My boys and I were free to experience Ireland for ourselves (as opposed to being crammed together inside a vehicle). We each had our own experiences, and yet we all shared the same experiences of pumping gas before paying, of greeting complete strangers like friends, and of refreshing our connections to our own basic humanity. Ireland by motorcycle affected us in ways that would not be possible any other way except maybe by foot. If you wish to see Ireland beyond a tourist map, without any hesitation and with all enthusiasm I wholeheartedly recommend Paul Rawlins and Celtic Rider Ireland to be your intermediary to adventure! We’re going back, and we’ll go back with Celtic Rider.

On behalf of the boys and myself, I cannot thank you enough for the most wonderful trip of our lives. Honestly, all of us are scheming ways to come back as soon as possible! Slainte


Bucket list number 1

Celtic Rider made our "Bucket -List item #1” a reality.
Of course with some intimidation & nervousness about this adventure we moved into it with assurances from Paul, Mick & Phillip. The Celtic Rider crew made us feel comfortable with the game plan and confident that there was nothing but big fun up the road.
Debra & I came from the U.S. and were accustomed to riding on the right-hand side of the road. Paul took me out for a short introductory check ride. I had really no problem adapting to the difference. Maybe one half hour, and I had it together. After that, Paul escorted us to the gateway of our 8-day motorcycle adventure. A loop through the most beautiful mountains, seashore and country I could ever have ever imagined. Castles, churches, waterfalls, forests coastal vistas, and green grass covered hillsides dotted with white woolly sheep.
We were blessed with not a single day of rain, and were able to take lots of photos. We were however equipped with rain gear up to the gills, so that's why no rain?
The (Celtic Rider) pre-arranged accommodations were absolutely the best as the proprietors of the B&B's were personable and gracious hosts, and were well managed with clean comfortable rooms. Breakfasts were generous and delicious.
I would say that having my wife riding behind me as official navigator and photographer, made it easier for me the rider to better manage road conditions that otherwise may have been challenging. One second looks at scenery and then back to the road. One word of advice, just stay loose, & stay focused. (sorry, that was two words)
The 8-day run was spectacular with many stops and short off bike exploring. It's probably something we would love to maybe do again someday. We thought riding the Wild Atlantic Way was the highlight of our ride, but it was all good.
LIVE YOUR DREAMS! I would recommend visiting Ireland and riding one of Paul Rawlins' fleet of fine motorcycles at Celtic Riders Tours. If you ever wanted to see Ireland, this is the way to go. The reason to ride a motorcycle instead of renting a car is that you get the freedom of your lane. A cage uses up every centimetre of the lane. Oops, did you lose a mirror? People in Ireland are so nice and friendly. Should you lose your way, just ask someone and most always they will happily set you back on track.
One last thing, Guinness is good beer and best enjoyed when the side-stand is down for the day.

James Coon & Debra Campbell Coon, Boulder, Colorado, USA

I can advise you to contact Celtic Rider immediately!

It is with the most heartfelt sincerity that Theresa and I want to thank everyone at Celtic Rider for their professionalism, patience and hospitality. In May 2016, Celtic Rider fitted Theresa and I with two brand new motorcycles and set us off on a little adventure along the twisting roads of Ireland. Theresa has always wanted to travel to Ireland and could not imagine a better way to have enjoyed the experience. For seven days we explored Ireland in a way those in cars and buses can never truly appreciate. For me to try and explain our experience in riding along the Wild Atlantic Way would be futile. But what I can write is that Celtic Rider ensured the trip would be memorable and stress free through their diligent preparation and excellent equipment. For those thinking of riding through Ireland, all I can advise is for you to contact Celtic Rider immediately. And to Paul, Liam and Louise, once again Theresa and I want to say thank you, and we will see you next year.... Cheers !

Theresa and Jim, Chino Valley, Arizona, USA

What a Trip!!!

Ireland was never on our bucket list and yet this was a trip of a life time. My boyfriend is a passionate motorcycle rider and we were looking forward to Ireland primarily based on riding along the coast and experiening Ireland's exteroridinary riding landscape . Michael experienced an unexpected medical situation that allowed us to contunue our trip, however a motorcyle was out of the question. Paul was extremely accomodating and immediately changed our agenda to renting a car. We continued to follow the well planned, pre programmed route and was very pleased that we continued the trip by car. Ireland is a beautiful country with very gracious, welcoming people. The lodging was top notch, most particularily The Pax- House in Dingle. The trip was a nice mixture of the Irish culture, windy and twisty roads leading to generations of history and unbelivable views. Paul and his staff made this a memoriable experience. I would highly recommend the trip- either by bike or by car.Its an opportunity to enjoy your holiday without spending endless hours on the details. Leave that to Paul.

Debb and Mike


Using only one word to describe our Celtic Rider nine day tour of Ireland… FABULOUS!!! Now that is out of the way, I can add 'incredible', 'beautiful' and many more words that really do not do justice to the country and people we met. It was a journey like no other we have been on.
First up, the BIKE! A BMW that took us to more places than our Harley would have :)) With Liam’s magical touch (the resident BMW mechanic), the bike performed beautifully! Second, the interesting B&B’s you set up for us. The rooms were gorgeous and the breakfasts… unbelievable, as were the owners. We have never met such helpful people. The weather you ask? Sunny with cloudy periods, mists and raindrops, but as they say “There is NO bad weather in Ireland just bad dressing”. Thanks for the advice regarding proper rainwear!
The only way to experience the countryside, historical sites and the Wild Atlantic Way is on the back of a bike. The GPS came in handy when we took a few wrong turns… in all, nine days of some of the most intriguing roads and pathways, and views that took your breath away.
Our only regret, 9 days was NOT enough time!!! Luckily we have a solution. Next year, same time but longer. We are looking forward to spending more time in Ireland before we do your Scotland tour, which is being rolled out for the 2016 season.
Again, many thanks for all your hours of planning and details that went into putting together a most excellent adventure :)))

Stuart and Lola

Thank you for a great vacation!

We just returned from our 8-day Celtic Rider tour and we are already making plans for an encore. We had high expectations for this trip; they were easily exceeded. A very informative orientation session was followed by a well-considered local shakedown ride. There seemed to be no limit to the resources at the facility and the attention to getting us set up. Describing the tour is nearly impossible. Motorcycles must have been invented with Ireland in mind. Engaging roads, endless scenery, welcoming people, and very comfortable accommodations made every part of this tour memorable. Although Paul and his team seem to have thought of every detail, Paul continues to look for ways to add to the experience. Count us in for another tour. Thanks for everything!

Rainer and Trudy Muhlbauer, Branford, CT, USA.

Amazing vistas, ancient castles and historical sites

Exploring the Wild Atlantic Way two-up on a brand-new R1200GS is by far one of the greatest adventures we've enjoyed together. Every day offered new beauty and excitement, from narrow, winding Irish roadways, to amazing vistas, to ancient castles and historical sites. Celtic Rider has created the perfect recipe for helping motorcyclists explore Ireland by combine the freedom of self-guided touring with local expertise about the best things to see and do and the best places to stay. We can't wait to come back and do another tour of Ireland.

Ken and Beth Collier, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Thank you Celtic Rider!

Thank you Celtic Rider! July 2013 We are just back in Denver Colorado after two amazing weeks in Ireland. Thanks to Celtic Rider Motorcycle Rental & Tours for providing an 11 day unforgettable route, delicious, luxurious and romantic Bed & Breakfast lodgings, and a BMW R1200R that drove us to our dreams. Paul Rawlins knows his business, and he knows Ireland. He understands how a motorcycle can change the way you experience adventure. From the very first day we met Paul online to book our trip, he was attentive to matching our goals with just the right itinerary and bike. We learned he had spent more than a year and a half researching the best routes to travel in Ireland. In addition, he met with every B&B owner to determine the best lodging for the route. Even before meeting in person we felt a kinship with Paul Rawlins and Celtic Rider. When we arrived in Dublin Paul's team took great care of us. Mick greeted us warmly, pulled our itinerary and gave us tea and good conversation. Jonathan taught an incredibly in-depth driver safety course that included on-road training. This was invaluable throughout the trip, we were prepared. Daniel counseled us on gear and road expectations as well as sharing his Irish spirit with us. Paul outfitted us in top shelf motorcycle gear, head to toe. He listened to what we were used to at home and made us comfortable and ready to ride. We took an anti clockwise tour around the island in mainly coastal areas. We began in Dublin then on to Belfast, to Carndonagh Inishowen to Donegal town. From Donegal we rode to Westport then on to Bunratty, Bunratty to Killarney, to Clonakilty and then back to Dublin. We experienced something unique at every stop. From fascinating history and old Pubs within the cities of Dublin and Belfast to the outrageous views of the coastline from the Antrim coast, the Dingle Peninsula, Aran Islands, Skellig Michael and the Ring of Kerry. And those were just the highlights! The GPS was loaded with accurate directions and options to go an alternative route if we wanted to pull off and see something different. The pre-programmed GPS was critical, we are certain we could not have done without it. Every time we came upon an unusual route to somewhere we knew it was Paul's plan to highlight something gorgeous. It certainly was! Riding two up requires a differentiated plan; Paul's routes met the needs of us both. Every B&B owner smiled fondly at the mention of Celtic Rider. It was clear their relationship with Paul carried trust and integrity. We are confident in saying that choosing Celtic Rider was the very best decision we made to meet the goals we had for touring Ireland on motorcycle and seeing Ireland at its very best! Thank you Paul Rawlins and team! Sincerely!

Paul and Paulette Begley Denver, Colorado USA

The scenery every day was spectacular...

I recently hired a BMW 800 GS through Celtic Rider for 6 days. I chose Celtic Rider because they looked like a professional company with good bikes and gear. It proved correct. I picked up the bike from Paul and also got a jacket, helmet and some wets from him. I also hired a Garmin GPS from him which I would highly recommend for anyone to have. It made my experience so much better as I could take hundreds of back roads without a problem. I headed up to Belfast and Ballycastle and did the Scenic Coast Road. This road is worth the hire fee in itself. Then, I basically did the coast of Ireland in an anti-clockwise direction visiting Donegal, Connemara, Galway, The Burren, Westport, Killarney, The Ring of Kerry and Connor Pass (an absolute must do for bikers!). I ride a Sprint 1050 in Australia and found the BMW excellent in all aspects. I did a fair few back roads and the handling of the bike was superb. I used the top box and got a dry bag from Paul which was sufficient luggage for me and I like them better than the panniers which widen the bike. The scenery on every day was spectacular. It varies so much from beautiful coastal roads, to the wilds of The Burren, the hills of Connemara, the greenery of The Ring of Kerry, to the mountainous breathtaking beauty of Connor Pass. The biggest problem was constantly stopping to admire a view or take my gloves off for a photo opportunity. Six days probably wasn't enough but if you have more time I would suggest staying in a place for 2 nights and using it as a base. I stayed in B&B accommodation. I can highly recommend Plougastel House in Westport - a beautiful town. I found Irish drivers to be fantastic with Bikes. I hardly saw any police and the roads are generally good. My ride through Ireland was a fantastic experience. Celtic Rider provided me with a quality bike with good luggage , excellent protective and warm gear and the invaluable Garmin. It may be possible to find a cheaper hire bike company but if you want to be as safe and well equipped as possible to enjoy the Ireland motorcycle experience I can recommend Paul and Celtic Rider. Thanks Paul, maybe one day if the band gets to Ireland again I'll be back .

Andy Hemmings, NSW, AUSTRALIA

My own private Ireland

There is no way I could have experienced this beautiful country in a better way than on the back of the 1150 GS I rented from Celtic Rider. Not only was I impressed with the bike an the stunning scenery, I was also impressed by the staff at Celtic Rider. They couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. The only negative about my experience was that it had to end after 6 days. In that time I was able to witness incredible landscapes and meet lovely people. During a 3 1/2 month trip through Europe and the UK, the 6 days I spent riding around Ireland were by far the most enjoyable. From Galway, throughout Connemara and around the Ring of Kerry, down to Waterford, back up to Dublin and all the little villages in between, I probably pulled over to take in the breath-taking countryside, cliffs and coastline no less than a hundred times. This excursion was a last minute decision that I am so happy I made. Next time I'm in Ireland I will definitely plan on spending a couple weeks on the back of one of their bikes. Thanks so much Michael and crew.

Ryan Kelley, USA

Fun, twisty, narrow roads and unparalleled scenery!

Paul’s trusty cohort Liam picked us up from our Hotel in Dublin for a nominal fee. Not only was he early, he was both humorous and very informative. Welcome to Paul’s house. Such a cool, relaxed atmosphere. We pulled into his driveway and the bikes we rented were 100% ready to roll in front of the garage. Inside the shop, Paul has everything you could possibly need for your excursion. He took the time to make sure we had proper gear (since it was raining). They also had a location for us to store the gear we weren’t taking with us on the ride. Paul took out a map of Ireland and spread it out on the ground of the shop floor...grabbed a highlighter for each day we would be riding and gave us his personal recommendation on routes. I personally thought this was a great touch. We hired BWM F650 GS Twin’s for our trip. Both bikes were full of Gas and ready to roll. We had zero problems along the way. These bikes were perfect for the roads we were on. When we were set to go, Paul gave us a personal lead to the Freeway entrance to ensure we were off on the right foot. Another great personal touch Paul!! There is no question about the outstanding quality of service you will receive from the Celtic Rider Family. This ride was a dream come true for us, a real “Bucket-List” item. Together, we have logged tens of thousands of miles on 2 wheels and while there are definitely sections of road that we will always remember - Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way kept giving and giving. Fun, twisty, narrow roads and unparalleled scenery, a new adventure at every turn. If you have ever thought about going on an adventure like this, don’t hesitate. Book a trip of a lifetime today! Look Right, Stay Left!

Justin and Darren

Off the beaten track

Hi Paul and Crew at Celtic Rider! Girls love Celtic Rider! Very sorry for the delay in sending this, but please know my memories and enthusiasm for the wonderful 11 day tour you put together for Vicki and me along with our favorite Canadian touring buddies, Lori and Jill, is as fresh as the day I got off the bike. I can't tell you how much I absolutely LOVED Ireland and the wonderful places and people we met along the way. You really did a fantastic job with finding just the right B&B's, many of which were nestled in quaint communities all around the country. We managed to visit 4 of the 6 National Parks in your country, and see many of the land marks Ireland is so well known for as well as many other hidden treasures off the beaten track. I loved every one of the narrow winding roads and small villages we wondered through. You can bet we will be back, if for no other reason than to get to those last 2 National Parks we missed this time around. Truth is, there are many reasons why I want to come back.... not least of which is to ride those great roads again, but most importantly, experience, again, the warmth and charm of the Irish people. Thanks for making this a GREAT trip!

Norine McVann, Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

You are immersed in sensory overload!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. What can top a Celtic Rider 9 day tour through Ireland, not much, but maybe a 13 or 16 day tour next time. Paul we can't express how much we loved our time in Ireland. The bed and breakfast homes were all spectacular; each had unique items that we loved about them, from the delicious breakfasts, unique rooms and stunning views. We had so many favourite parts of the trip, but especially we loved the special roads that Paul had programmed into the gps, which we nicknamed ‘Pauls Roads’. They always took us to some hidden gem in the Irish countryside and the views, WOW! To fully appreciate the people and the scenery of Ireland you have to ride it on a motorcycle, you are immersed in sensory overload. The bike performed to perfection (thanks Liam). We also rented the gear which was wonderful; the rain gear was a blessing. Yes it does rain in Ireland, but we dressed for it and it didn't slow us down. The GPS was a true asset, thanks Paul for the many, many hours you travelled and the routes you programmed into it to make our trip the beautiful experience that it was.

Dave and Debra Redlick<

Our Ireland Ride

This summer I organized a one week trip and ride in Ireland for myself and 8 others. Unfortunately Celtic Rider was not the first rental and tour company I contacted. The first company I was working with, after about 6 months of planning suddenly disappeared just when we were ready to make deposits. I had to scramble to find a company that could meet our needs and quickly get us set up for our ride. This is when I found Paul Rawlins and Celtic Rider. These guys are everything the other company was not. Great communication, patient with LOTS of questions, and very professional. As a group organizer It rested on me to be the go between for everyone and C.R. I was a bit nervous that these guys could deliver what I was seeing in the website, or I was going to look like a sucker, and have an unhappy group. This is what we got: The bikes were in excellent condition. Obviously they go through a lot of regular maintenance to keep this fleet looking and running as well as they do. We went through an approximately 1.5 hour comprehensive safety orientation right after we loaded the bikes. We then went on a 20 minute bike orientation ride, which I was glad for. Getting used to the opposite traffic and learning the nuances of the bikes would have been more difficult without the warm up ride. The BMW R1200GS machine I rode that week is the finest bike I have ridden. The routes were simply amazing. They have really done their homework here. Either that, or the whole damn island is just that beautiful. We went though small towns. We went over beautiful hills. We followed amazing coastlines. The GPS was a little tricky at first for those not familiar with the Garmin. After about a day that ironed out and it was pretty simple to use. There is so much preloaded on there. Gas, food, alternate routes, etc etc etc. We saw many famous sights but the best things were some of the smaller, out of the way places that the routes took us. One of the great parts of the self guided tour was the flexibility to see or not see whatever you wanted. The B&B's and inns that were set up for us were perfect. Also the way the trip was laid out was great. Basically, you spent two nights in each location. This allowed more time to explore the area, and less time packing your bike each morning. The B&B in Donegal is one of the best I have ever seen. It was about a 8 minute cab ride (host called and set up for us) into Donegal after a great days ride for dinner and live traditional Irish music at The Reel Inn. One of the greatest things about Ireland is the genuinely friendly people, and the folks in Donegal are a great example of this. The places we stayed in Westport and Bunratty were also beautiful. All 3 of our accommodations had large rooms and each a private bath/shower. All were as well maintained as Celtic Rider fleet. Clean, well accessorized, and run by friendly folks. In summary, we could not have hoped for a better experience. Paul and his staff at Celtic Rider made me look like a genius to my friends. Many, many pints were bought for me by the group. Everyone went home with smiles on their faces and a return trip in their minds. Thank you to Celtic Rider for all of your efforts to make this amazing journey happen.

Todd Hayos, USA

This is one of the best tours you can do!

If you have ever wanted to visit Ireland and you really love to ride a motorcycle, you should seriously consider taking a "Celtic Rider" tour. The roads are challenging, the accommodations are comfortable and welcoming and the scenery is breath-taking. Paul and Liam at "Celtic Rider" run a top notch enterprise and they go above and beyond to ensure the success of your trip. The machines are first-rate and well-maintained. Celtic Rider will outfit you with all of the gear you need from helmets to boots. Each day was a new motorcycle adventure. Each evening promised a nice meal, a good drink, and pleasant Irish hospitality. My wife and I took a 9-day tour and were thoroughly pleased with the result. Celtic Rider provides a GPS with the self-guided tours already programmed for you. All you have to do is contact them and they will take care of the rest. We have toured and travelled by motorcycle for over 35 years and this is one of the best tours you can do!

Charles Vollherbst

Too Beautiful to be real

Back home in Canada now after a 13-day tour with Celtic Rider. One of the first comments from my friends was, "It's too beautiful to be real". Which pretty much describes Ireland, the tour Paul and his crew put together for me, the B&Bs I stayed at, the BMW 800GS I rode, and everything about my 2 week adventure. We had a saying in skydiving that fits perfectly: if you haven't done it, you can't imagine, and if you have, you can't explain. Touring Ireland was like that. While photos and stories will give you a hint what it's like, until you've actually leaned into a sweeping curve and laughed aloud in your helmet in utter disbelief at the scene that appears around the corner, you just can't imagine the joy of it all. If you've done it, you know what I mean - if you haven't, do whatever you can to make it happen. I've visited many countries, and while I've profoundly enjoyed all of them, there's too much to see in this world to return to a place I've already been. Ireland is the exception - there's no doubt in my mind that I'll return.

Jason Brawn, Canada

Incredible Experience

Hi Paul, We had an incredible experience in Ireland with Celtic Rider.

You and your staff did a great job in putting together the perfect package. Thanks to Mick and Jonathan for great training and for getting us off to a safe start.

The B&Bs were all fine accommodations and the hosts reflected the hospitable nature and warmth of all the Irish people that we met across the country.

We have wonderful memories of the trip. Hope you can do a motorcycle show in Houston sometime! We look forward to seeing you again. Sam and Susan Ellington, Houston, USA

Great trip!

There are times when the best laid plans go wrong - we had originally planned a week in Ireland on one of our three vintage Japanese trikes. But the triple trouble struck and the day before we were due to leave, all three trikes were off the road. We wanted to visit relatives In rural Co. Galway, but the trains and buses didn't go that way and we don't hold car licenses. Paul was able with four days notice, to provide us with an ideal bike in the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 - very relaxed, low, soft tuned and ideal for Irish roads from (metalled) boreens to motorways. He took every effort to ensure the rented kit fitted and that I was comfortable handling a strange machine on unknown roads - even escorting us to the motorway junction to ensure we got off to a flying start. I would recommend Celtic Rider to any biker looking to rent a machine to tour Ireland and elsewhere in the British isles.

Mark and Kathi Allen, UK

The perfect experience

I only have one thing to say! Wow, what a trip! As a student, I was a little worried about this trip. I must say, in the end, that this was the greatest experience I've had. I'll remember it for the rest of my life. From the unique roads of Ireland, to the incredible sceneries, this 7 days trip was fabulous. Paul and his team made sure that I felt as comfortable as possible through this trip. The orientation course they gave was really helpful for this trip. Look right, stay left! The route Paul selected was incredible and made me see what Ireland was made of. The B&B were all of good qualities and were well located. The BMW 1200GS I rented was in top shape and worked perfectly with the type of road I drove on. I certainly wouldn't have done this trip with a sport bike. They also made sure to pick me up at the airport, store my luggage and then drop me at my hotel in Dublin. In the end, this was the perfect experience in Ireland! Thanks for everything Celtic Rider! Cheers from Québec

J-f Corriveau, Quebec


Celtic Rider hat es uns ermöglicht 1 Woche lang in zweirädriger Freiheit beeindruckende Landschaften zu entdecken.
Durch die sehr freundliche und unkomplizierte irische Gastfreundschaft und den bikes von Celtic Rider konnten wir unsere Trips sehr spontan und flexibel gestalten.

It translates roughly like this: Celtic Rider enabled us to discover some magnificent landscapes in "two wheeled" freedom. The very straightforward and friendly Irish hospitality made it possible to be very flexible therefore bringing the best out of the Celtic Rider bikes.

Best regards

Nicolas, Lars & Ramzi


Just back from such an amazing experience that even though it has been only a few days, I am not sure it was real or just a dream.

I've been to many different countries. Many of them riding a motorcycle. And though each of them had something special, there is something truly special about Ireland. The beautiful countryside, the scenery, the great roads, and most specially the warmth of the people we met everywhere we went. It really made for an unforgettable two weeks.

Thanks very much to Paul and all the people at Celtic Rider. Our trip would not have been the same without your help. From picking us up at the airport and dropping us back off at the end, to the great professionalism in which they handled everything: the bikes, the B&B, the recommendations to make sure we got the most of our trip and our riding, etc.

Thanks!!! Hope to be back!!!!



Best experience ever

Best experience ever with Celtic Rider Motorcycle Rental & Tours. Thanks to Paul and Mick for making it the best. The BMW R1200GS bike was awesome and they mapped out our route making it easy to get around.

Thanks for fulfilling a dream to ride in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains and National Park.

Can’t stop smiling when we think about our experiences. We look forward to next year to a more extended ride. Aoife, Martina and Shawn.

Aoife, Martina and Shawn, Dallas

Trip of a Lifetime

It's been a month or so since my wife Kathy and I got back from our bike trip in Ireland, and it still stands out as the adventure of a lifetime. We have been riding for only a couple of years, but when I saw an article in Backroads magazine about riding in Ireland, I knew we had to do this. I told my wife "we should do this someday", but she replied, "No, we should do it this year."So I looked up Celtic Rider on-line and read about their tours and read through the testimonials. I was especially impressed by the comments most riders seemed to have about the personal attention Paul Rawlins gave them in setting up their tours. It seemed that each of the riders felt a personal friendship with Paul. A couple of days later, I called Paul and he booked our 5 day tour on a BMW 1200GS. Paul's personal attention to detail is outstanding. He personally picked us up at our hotel on the first day, outfitted us with appropriate and well fitted gear and stowed our luggage for the 5 days. Then, to get us acquainted with riding in Ireland, we were given a well-designed safety course and Paul rode with me on a short ride-a-long. The safety course concentrated on the unique features of riding in Ireland from a detailed description on how to handle the many roundabouts, to sharing the roads with the sheep we would encounter, and how to properly interpret the Irish signage, which attempts to pack a lot of information on to a single pole. Paul also provided brief instruction on using the pre-programmed GPS (Garmin). The tour package included some Rider branded gear, and Paul made sure we got our hoodies, bandanas, caps and t-shirts right away. We made good use of the bandanas while riding and the hoodies on the cool nights. The longest ride we had taken up to that time was about 2 hours, and now we were booked for 5 days in a country we had never visited. The trip Paul planned for us and the bike he chose were perfect. We enjoyed every minute of the trip and every bit of the country we rode. The routes were magnificent, the scenery beautiful and the riding was outstanding. Each day of riding was a new adventure with well thought out routes taking us to interesting places and challenging our riding skills. I confess that we did screw up a few times using the GPS, but that only allowed us to go off the planned route and discover some other interesting places. By the third day we were, confident enough to add some side trips to the routes and visit a few places that weren't on the planned route without getting lost. We liked the mountain pass near Westport so much that we got up early on our last day and did it in the opposite direction before heading back to Dublin. Each night when we got back to our B&B's we were exhilarated from the ride and our B&B hosts couldn't have been friendlier or more accommodating. The rooms were great and located close to many terrific spots to get some great food, down a few pints and enjoy some Irish dancing and music. We stopped at some of the establishments recommended by Paul but we also ventured out on our own and found some other great places to eat and relax. When we got back to Dublin, our new-old friend Paul was there to greet us. Though he must hear these stories every day, Paul listened intently to our description of our trip and wanted to know every detail, including any problems or complaints, no matter how small. We didn't have much to complain about, except our Garmin suddenly switched its language to Turkish in the middle of the trip (fixed by Googling Garmin and downloading the manual on my iPad from the B&B that night) Although we were amused by this, Paul took notes and said he was going to send the unit back to Garmin to find out why it happened. A couple of pieces of advice for anyone reading this testimonial: 1. Thinking of touring Ireland? Stop thinking and contact Paul, you'll be glad you did. 2. Bring your own helmet and gloves. Although Celtic Rider has helmets and gloves, I think these are items that should be form fitted to your hands and head from new; leave the rest of your riding gear home and hire the gear from Paul. They have the boots, jackets and pants in all sizes to suit you. 3. Each day, review the day's trip on your GPS and plot it out on a paper map. If your GPS goes crazy and starts speaking Turkish you'll still be able to find your way. 4. Bring an internet connectable device. They seem to have Wi-Fi everywhere in Ireland so you can study up on the next day's features, and download a manual when you need one. Thanks again Celtic Rider for an outstanding adventure. Can't wait to do it again.

Don & Kathy Lynch, NY

Our Awesome Ireland Adventure

I have to say that our trip to Ireland was the vacation of a life time. My husband is not a traveller so when I wanted to go somewhere for our 25th wedding anniversary he said he would like to go to Ireland. Being married 25 years I have learned that I can get him to go pretty much anywhere if it is on a motorcycle. I was so excited to find Celtic Rider and that you rented Harley's. Our trip was amazing! From the first email communication with Celtic Rider to dropping off the bike (which we didn't want to do) everything was perfect. I even got him to get off the bike and take in the sights of Ireland! Another tribute to a great vacation as usually it is all about the ride for him. The people at the B&B's, the B&B's, the pubs, the restaurants, the roads, the scenery, the sheep, the people of Ireland were great. I can honestly say that we don't have a bad thing to say about our trip and all your arrangements. The GPS was a blessing on its own and was a great help when it came to all the roundabouts. Today is my birthday and we are going to dinner at a restaurant here in Santa Rosa that was recommended to us by our hosts at the B&B in Bunratty. They are friends of the owners, what a small world.Paul I can't thank you enough for everything you did to make our vacation truly a trip of a lifetime. My husband is still talking about it on a daily basis!!!!! If you are ever in the states, please email us we would love to ride our beautiful West Coast with you. Thanks again, Cathy & Rick

Cathy & Rick Shanahan, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Making every moment count

I just spent 28 days circumnavigating the magical Emerald Isle. I rode a BMW 650GS on roads that I know hunters and gatherers travelled thousands of years ago. I met someone friendly at every gas stop, sidewalk, pub or restaurant. I was welcomed by hosts who ALWAYS went above and beyond the call of duty. Add to this not having to chart out which would be the best road, but one that would cover a menu for every taste in terms of sights, history, beauty AND great motorcycle riding. This trip was completely thought out in every way. Celtic Rider of Dublin has raised the bar in motorcycle touring. They already have an ace in the hole because Ireland is unique in many ways. From its raw beauty, the wild Atlantic coast and ancient sites to its heartbreaking history, I simply could not stop falling more in love with a place. Paul and Mick combine their deep love and pride in their culture and land with their own passion for riding and package it to your taste and needs and time constraints. This was evident in each day’s itinerary. Even the most popular tourist sites came with advisory about time to travel to avoid busses! And they were right. They had personally stayed in each B& B and spoken with hosts about motorcyclists. We had one host lead us on one of his favorite rides on an open rest day! Celtic Rider completely delivered on what I’m sure is the goal of every tour operator: Making every moment count. There were so many unforgettable moments. I am a seasoned rider. In addition to multiple trips to the “Must do” motorcycle roads of the USA and the Alps, I’ve gone to Norway, Mexico and New Zealand. They are all great. Just be sure to add Ireland as a must see destination....and inch it up a few spots! Or just GO!

Lynn Landis, Boca Raton, FL, USA


Gracias Irlanda y por supuesto gracias Celtic Rider, gracias por el profesionalismo y por la buena onda con la que me trataron. Para ser justos, Irlanda me trató todo el tiempo de manera increíblemente hospitalaria. Para mi que tengo 43 años y muchos viajes en moto sobre el lomo, este viaje lo definiría como “el viaje perfecto”. Irlanda es un país “ALUCINANTE”, ideal para un viaje en moto. La gente, la cultura, los lugares, los caminos, las vistas, la seguridad, el alma del país. Resolví hacer este viaje soñado solo, y así fue, recorrí sobre una base de línea de costa, a través de caminos rurales o secundarios unos 1.600 kmts. Hice una especie de giro de Irlanda. Manejarme con GPS fue absolutamente necesario, si bien Irlanda no es grande en superficie, asombra la gran red de rutas principales, secundarias, autopistas y caminos de todo tipo, es como que todo está conectado con todo, pero hay mil formas de llegar. Obviamente son muchos los lugares que me quedaron por conocer y eso quedará para el siguiente capítulo. Un abrazo a todo el staff de Celtic Rider de Ale O’Neill

Ale O’Neill, Montevideo, Uruguay

Our trip of a lifetime!

We met Paul at the Vancouver motorcycle show and his friendly, helpful advice convinced us to take a 9 day motorcycle tour of Ireland.

Right from the moment we arrived in Dublin, their orientation session and test ride made us confident that we had made the right choice. The programmed GPS helped get us from one highlight to another and the B&Bs chosen were of the highest quality and far exceeded our expectations. Another great touch was the printed overview of the next days activities.

Our particular tour concentrated on the Great Atlantic Way and took us to amazing places and such a variety in the roads travelled that we felt we had experienced the real Ireland. Paul and his staff were as friendly and helpful as we found the entire Irish population to be. We will return!

Wendy & Ken Kukkonen

Having a ton of fun!

When anyone entrusts their holiday plans to someone else, it’s a huge leap of faith. If you like what you see in any promotional literature, you trust that anything advertised will be done as/when promised. And all of this planning is usually done well before the holiday, and at the expense of payment up front. From a traveler’s perspective, it can seem risky. From the initial contact in Ireland with Paul, our experience with Celtic Rider clearly showed that our faith and trust in what they do was more than justified. In short, Celtic Rider could not have done more to make our first motorcycle holiday trip an outstanding success. From the safety briefing (which was as entertaining as it was informative) to the accompanying ride-out on our initial leg, everything was handled professionally. Personal safety was clearly at the forefront of the pre-ride preparation. A lot of useful information was conveyed without making it seem intimidating. For us first timers, that was way up there in the priority list. Once into the trip, the scenery was outstanding, road conditions/quality was well matched to our riding capability, the route (thanks in large part to on-board GPS) was easily followed (never got lost once) and the overnight accommodations were excellent. All of this happened on a background philosophy of making sure the customer was prepared, getting what they wanted and having a ton of fun We can’t thank Celtic Rider enough for giving us an experience of a lifetime! Would we do business with them again? Simple answer, “In a heartbeat Sincerest thanks to Paul, Liam and to any “behind-the-scenes” people we did not get the chance to meet.

Brad & Bev Stevens, British Columbia, Canada

Each day was an absolute assault on the senses

I wanted to write and thank you for the incredible experience we had on our trip! Erin had always wanted to go to Ireland and, being motorcyclists, we thought it would be fun to see it on two wheels. All I can say is that what we found on your tour exceeded all expectations we could have possibly had. Ireland is an impossibly beautiful country and each day was an absolute assault on the senses to be surpassed only by what we would see the following day. The accommodations were great as well. We always felt welcome and were taken well care of by everyone. Often we ended up taking special detours suggested by the owners of the B&B's and saw things we never would have seen otherwise. I just want to say thank you for the time and effort you have put into making our Ireland trip a once in a lifetime experience. I can honestly say that not a moment was wasted on our trip. Everything was amazing and we went to bed every night exhausted from an amazing day's experiences. Take care and we hope to see you again soon

Rob & Erin, Baltimore, Maryland

Veramente un bel tour e “zero problems” che poi è quello che conta!

Tutto è andato molto bene e non abbiamo avuto alcun problema.

I B&B pur non essendo lussuosi erano molto, molto onfortevoli ed i proprietari veramente gentili come tutti gli irlandesi del resto. Irish breakfasts favolosi sempre. Anche il tempo è stato clemente. Siamo riusciti a fare 2000 dei 2500 Km della Wild Atlantic Road ed ogni tanto dovevamo tagliare per non fare notte; colpa nostra che ti abbiamo fatto allungare le tappe.

Se uno vuole farlo con calma ci vogliono 11 giorni. Veramente un bel tour e “zero problems” che poi è quello che conta.

Ciao Mauro e Sandro

Mauro e Sandro

Sie könnten durchaus auf jedem Versprechen vertrauen

wir möchten uns ganz herzlich für den gelungenen Urlaub bedanken. Nachdem wir die Webseite gefunden und uns gemeldet hatten um uns zu informieren ging alles super schnell, Motorräder, Koffer, Navi wurden vorgebucht und man konnte sich absolut auf alle Versprechen verlassen. Wir wurden am Hotel abgeholt und nach der Tour wieder zurück gebracht. Es war alles super. Das Team war der Knaller sehr nett und höflich wir wurden toll behandelt man fühlte sich wohl. Die Motorräder waren in einem sehr guten und fehlerfreien Zustand. Keine Frage wir kommen wieder. Wolfgang Schmitz aus Dormagen

Wolfgang Schmitz aus Dormagen

Celtic Rider is the perfect way to do it

Just returned from an 11-day self-guided tour of Ireland put together by Paul Rawlins and his team at Celtic Rider in Dublin. Fantastic. Paul is an extremely warm guy--a proud Irishman--who delights in the beauty and culture of his country--and he has the deep knowledge to put together itineraries that include beauty, history and just great riding.

At my request, he happily made some revisions to his set itinerary and even emailed along the way to make sure that all was to our pleasure. It definitely was. Paul rents BMW's, mainly R1200GS's, and our bike was in outstanding condition with brand new tires.

We've just arrived home (NYC) with lots of great memories. I strongly recommend touring the Emerald Isle. It's a beautiful country with exceptionally friendly people who go out out of their way to be helpful. Celtic Rider is the perfect way to do it. Lewis Taffer, June 2015

Lewis Taffer, New York, USA

Every day was something new and amazing...

Ireland is beautiful and the best way to see it is on a motorcycle.

Paul and the crew at Celtic Rider are the best people to set you up. Paul was so helpful before we even left home answering all the questions we had since we had never been to Ireland. And that continued after we got there.

Paul's back road routes took us to places we never would have found on our own and away from the crowds. Every day was something new and amazing. The hotels and b&b's were great after hours on the bike. This was a trip we had talked about for years and it was all we could have hoped for. Tim & Sheri Murphy

Tim & Sheri Murphy, Colorado, USA

Thanks to you and the Celtic Rider team our trip was a definite success!

Now that we are back home after the honeymoon we wanted to write you a message to thank you and your team for the amazing trip you put together for us. We were only able to do the 3-day trip but it was definitely enough to leave us wanting more. The riding was wonderful and the sights throughout the three days were spectacular. We will definitely never forget the grandeur of Kylemore Abbey as well as the breath-taking Sky Road.
he organizational aspect of the trip was excellent, from the top quality gear we were given at the shop (including the Celtic Rider items we got to take home), to the pre-programmed GPS and the Bed & Breakfast booked for us.
Thanks to you and the Celtic Rider team our trip was a definite success! Attached you can find a few pictures to show just how much fun we had. We hope to see you again sometime in the future, and remember to let us know if you are ever in Miami or nearby. P.S. we tried Smithwick's beer and loved it :) thanks for the suggestion!

Maria & Jaime Carmigniani

We cannot say enough about the beautiful scenery...

Celtic Rider made planning a complicated vacation incredibly simple. The B&B's were top notch with beautiful rooms and charming hosts eager to make your stay a happy one. Prior to this trip, I always interpreted B&B to mean, "sharing a bathroom with strangers after a cold breakfast". Rossmore Manor and the Glenderan destroyed my misconceptions and elevated my expectations. Lovely accommodations and lovely people are best appreciated after a long day's ride. This family-run business operates at a world class level. Paul and his family will not let you go without every "i" dotted and 't" crossed. Worried about driving on the left side of the road? Never fear. The safety lecture gives you everything you need. Just don't get caught yawning. :) Paul does not let you out until he is comfortable that you are safe and ready for the roads. You can trust him to respond to your emails/phone calls in a timely manner to ensure your questions are answered. Celtic Rider picked us up at the hotel, stored our excess luggage and then returned us after our adventure was over. It just doesn't get any easier than that. The itinerary was more than a bullet-point list of what to see. The descriptions and recommendations were spot on. Clearly, Paul has experienced the rides personally and knows whereof he speaks. We cannot say enough about the beautiful scenery. The GPS guided us easily along the roads to places we never would have ventured on our own. All we had to do was sit back, enjoy the ride and trust the GPS. Ireland is a beautiful country filled with friendly people. Thank you Paul, Siobhán, Liam and Louise for the trip of a lifetime.

Catherine and Michael Skowronsky

I have never experienced a vacation that made me feel more alive!!

Wow! What an amazing time. I never thought I would find myself riding a motorcycle across Ireland. Thanks to Celtic Rider I was able to accomplish a dream of mine. Ireland is a beautiful and majestic country. I don't know which I loved more, navigating the winding roads or taking in the beautiful country side. It seemed like I would ride for five minutes and have to stop to take pictures.

hen at the days end I would have the privilege to meet some of the friendliest people in the world. I have never experienced a vacation that made me feel more alive. I was always the type of person that thought life would find me. Instead this trip proved to me that it is I who needs to find life. This trip was a life changing experience for me, and I shall hold it dear to my heart for years to come. I say if you are think about renting a motorcycle and experiencing Ireland, do it and do it with Celtic Rider they were more than accommodating. I planned this trip within a weeks notice and they were able to have a motorcycle and safety gear for me. 5 stars for Celtic Rider!

Kurt Jones , Michigan

The people made this memorable

I had done previous rental rides in the United States and wanted for years to visit Ireland for its rich history and beautiful sites. When I arrived to Celtic Rider I quickly realized something more impressive than the other attributes I was about to see; the people. Paul was kind enough to pick me up when getting dropped off by bus and take me to his home where Celtic Rider is. No paperwork, financials details to start off with, instead he went over the history of the land he lived on and took time to get to know me and my travels, it was unique and special. After getting geared up with the GS Paul took time to go over tips and tricks to better prepare me for the road, reviewed the habits and tendencies of drivers in the country (which were very accurate) common courtesies and driving in the weather. He was even kind enough to offer some home-made soup and bread from his wife before heading out (which was delicious and overly kind!). Paul also took time to head out with me for the first hour or so and show me some sights including the castle in which he was married in, it was unexpected and memorable. My first few stops were on the advice of Paul and Celtic Rider and was not disappointed, the Boyne Valley was beautiful and historic and provided a great template for what I was to discover driving across the country. It is difficult not to stop every 5 minutes to take in all the scenery, it is a very rare combination of simplicity and beauty. My travel goals were to head north and drive the circumference of Ireland over 8 days. Travelling a few hundred kilometres per day takes time, so when driving plan accordingly, there are many quaint small towns and sites you'll want to stop at. I found driving around 150-200 kilometres comfortable, finding mostly bed and breakfasts to stop at in the evening, I really had a great experience in my travels, stopping in Dublin, Newgrange, Warrenpoint, Sligo, Cork, Ennis, Cork and Carlow. Every town and city is different but common in the fact there are wonderful people who are proud of their heritage and put others before themselves, I have countless stories of genuine kindness from random people I have met along the way. I had an amazing time in Ireland, and before booking the trip wondered how people could come back to visit, but it makes sense to me now, there is so much to see and even if its passed over twice it doesn't get old, it is an amazing country with magnificent sites but again, the people made this memorable. When dropping off my bike to Paul he drove me to the bus station, waited with me, talked to me about the history of Kildare before I boarded the bus. From start to finish he and Louise made my experience feel one of a kind, they were fantastic. I can't think of a more personable caring small business I've ever dealt with! Take care and look forward to meeting again, it really was a treat.

Jim Best

I don't know of any other company that would go to such lengths for a customer.

In June we rented a BMW 650gs and took a self guided tour of Ireland. We had the best service with Paul and Liam. They picked us up from the bus station, brought us to the shop and made doubly sure we had everything we needed for the trip. We chose to bring our own gear but would not have needed to! They have a solid selection of gear in any size including boots, helmets, safety gear, gloves and everything else. They had even purchased a special size for a family that would be traveling with small children. I don't know of any other company that would go to such lengths for a customer. We toured ALL over Ireland. We had hoped to get to Scotland but in 9 days we had more than enough to see in one gorgeous country. We followed the Wild Atlantic Way around the island and had a hard time deciding what was the most beautiful. The Cliffs of Moher and the Buren were some of our favorites. The narrow, winding roads throughout the country are easily found with their GPS (we chose to avoid main roads). The roadways are NARROW, often single track but, most other motorists moved for the bike. Staying off main roads and on the Wild Atlantic Causeway allowed us to traverse mountains, pass castles, quaint towns and of course constantly watch the sea battle the cliffs. We stayed in bed and breakfasts and one castle on our trip and often stopped for food and drinks in small towns. The people were especially friendly and the food was amazing and fresh! We were very spoiled the entire time. It truly is an amazing country and we will be back and back with Celtic Riders! Thank you Paul and Liam! Lauren and Chaz

Lauren & Chaz

I would love to get back and ride in Ireland again

We came to visit Ireland for ten days between 15, September through 25, September 2015. Five of those days were spent riding a BMW F650GS that we rented from Celtic Rider. I have rented bikes many times in the United States, Europe and Australia in most cases the bike I picked up was not as described in the agreement. When renting a bike it is important to have the features that you expect so that you have the storage for gear and comfortable fit that you need for the ride. Arriving at Celtic Rider we were greeted with a warm smile by Paul. The bike we received from Celtic was exactly as described. As a matter of fact Paul recommended that we take the newer F650GS (800cc) instead of the older factory lowered F650 single with no price difference. The bike was in excellent mechanical condition and immaculately clean - Liam does a brilliant job maintaining the bikes. Paul provided a very thorough orientation to the machine. He then took us out for a short ride to make sure that I was comfortable with the bike. After returning to the shop and finalizing the paperwork we loaded up the bike. Then Paul offered to lead us out to the Wicklow Mountains where we began our ride. Being a long time Harley rider (since 1998) this was my first experience getting saddle time on a Beemer and I was very pleased. It was the perfect machine for the roads and terrain that we encountered in Ireland. We rode 800km (500 miles) total and had no mechanical issues with the bike. I would love to get back and ride in Ireland again and when I do I will be contacting the Celtic Rider team. Cheers!

Raphael & Charlon

It all fell apart this summer in Ireland...

Let’s get to the bottom line up front: plan was to ride in a different country each summer, seeing as much of the world as I can. My first summer was wonderful, but then it fell apart this summer in Ireland. And it’s not just Paul and Liam’s fault – you can also blame the Irish in general, their history, and their island, or at least the little bit of it I saw in a week. Because my brilliant plan is in tatters. It’s their fault I don’t want to go somewhere else next year – I want to see more of their emerald isle, meet more of the people, and spend more time riding. Did I mention riding? The drivers who's paths crossed mine were always competent and considerate. The roads and signage were never dumbed down like they are in the States. I’m almost always bored and speeding at home but averaged just 50 engaging km per hour in Ireland excepting a couple hours on motorways. 50! Never have I spent so much riding time – most of each day -- feeling the joy of “flow” (in the psychological sense) where there is no future, no past, no worries, the bike somewhere in the background, nothing but me and the road. It helped, of course, that they were wonderful roads. Paul put me on roads with long sweeping turns, roundabouts, villages, and small towns. He also put me on roads that are tight and technical, rising, falling, and winding through often stupendous scenery. And at the end of each day, there were friendly B&B keepers, good restaurants, and welcoming pubs. In one week I had sparkling weather as well as high crosswinds and driving rains, often in the same day (with good rain gear, I stayed dry and comfortable). The experience made me a better rider. It was all wonderful because, for me, a well lived life includes extraordinary experiences, connecting with people, and learning to see in new ways. There is, of course, more to the story than that. Celtic Rider is a “high touch” business: Paul and Liam (the Celtic Riders?) are incredibly generous with their time, and I enjoyed all of it, especially talking with them – the Irish craic is real. I think they genuinely enjoyed it, too. In fact, while other customers have written about Paul’s “commitment to their satisfaction” I think they have it turned around. Paul has built a way to earn his living that is uniquely his and in which he takes pride and joy. I think Paul finds *his* satisfaction and fulfillment getting to know his guests and ensuring nothing interferes with them thoroughly enjoying Ireland. Jason Douglas

Jason Douglas

Everything worked Perfectly

Hi Celtic Rider team, dear Paul! Paul, thanks a lot for the warmest welcome! We had an unforgettable 8-day motorcycle trip through Ireland. Everything worked perfectly ... not just the weather! A wonderful way to explore the island! The partial closely intertwined streets with magnificent views.... after the next curve ... great landscapes, the sea ... We had the most incredible fun! Not only do the landscapes inspire. The Irish are always friendly and serene. Thanks for everything and we hope we see you again! Dearest greetings from Germany send Michael (R850R) and Yvonne (650GS); Juergen and Susanne (1200GS) A perfect ride!

Michael, Yvonne, Juergen & Susanne, Berlin, Germany

No better way to see the country

This is my second time renting from Celtic Rider, but this time I brought over 25 other people, renting 18 motorcycles. We really enjoyed an incredible 10 days on exceptional motorcycles. Paul was a huge help on our first trip in 2010 and made sure my wife, who is short, had a motorcycle that fit her perfectly. When I came back in 2013 for our second tour and brought the Blue Knights International, Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club members with me, I contacted Celtic Rider about 10 months out and as always the service and staff was far above reproach. Here is too Paul, Mick and the rest of the staff who did an exceptional job. If you are going on holiday to Ireland, there is no better way to see the country than on a motorcycle, and there is only one place to hire your motorcycle in Ireland. Celtic Rider Motorcycle Rental Ireland.

John Shanks, USA

Each day was unique

From the moment I first contacted Celtic Rider Motorcycle Rental my wife and I were treated as if we were their only customer. Celtic Rider provided a first-class self drive tour with wonderful accommodations and their safety orientation course plus ride out before our tour began alleviated my anxiety about driving on the left side of the road. Since we were not part of a group we could either follow the GPS or do our own tour and on some days we did just that, exploring old churches and graveyards in search of my wife’s ancestors. Paul’s tours allow for the greatest freedom and since most of the accommodations involve a two-night stay, that second day gives the option to sleep in or perhaps go off the beaten path. Each day was unique but I liked the Beara Peninsula the best as it is unspoiled and has the awesome Healy Pass. Even better than that we thoroughly enjoyed the Irish people—their willingness to help out, their friendliness and their sense of humor are what made the trip extra special. Paul and his staff are the best!

Dale Voskuil Chilton, Wisconsin, USA

Fabulous and Friendly

Fabulous, friendly and personable service. Grace and Paul certainly love what they do and it shows. From sending me bus routes, to picking me up and delivering me to the bus station, to storing my extra luggage while I travelled, they went above and beyond my expectations. I rented their 2012 R1200GS, what a fabulous way to travel Ireland. Travelling on the opposite side of the road was not a problem and the GS handled beautifully. From Kilkenny to Killarney and Donegal back down to Wexford and Wicklow, the country is an absolute gem. Excellent road conditions whether on highways or quiet country roads. Whether on the curvy Ring of Kerry, mountainous Connors Pass, or coastal switchbacks, this country is made for motorcycling. The people are very friendly and helpful, especially for a woman travelling alone on a motorcycle. Enjoy gourmet food, great beer, friendly people & lovely scenery while riding a quality bike - book your trip with Grace and Paul today - you will be glad you did!

Christine McPhee, Canada


Maria and I just wanted to say a quick thank you for a wonderful four days in Southern Ireland. We've been on numerous holidays together, but on the bus when into Dublin city, we both agreed that this was our best to date. Spending all day on the bike, stopping whenever and wherever we pleased was fantastic. Our four days was a constant adventure, from which we've have taken away some great photos and memories. Also Paul, your knowledge and advice was priceless. From wanting to conquer the whole of Ireland in four days, I soon agreed that I was being way too ambitious. Without the pressure of having to be in certain places by a certain time, I was able to just float along on the bike, seeing the sights, relaxing, and most importantly, enjoying myself. Hopefully the North of Ireland will be as enjoyable as the South, see you soon! Colin and Maria P.S. The Guinness is excellent too!

Colin Ball

Best time of your life

If you are looking for quite possibly one of the best times of your life I would highly recommend renting a bike from the nice folks at MRI. Ireland is such a beautiful, picturesque country with lot's to offer. Myself and two friends took 3 days (not long enough!) and rode down south from Naas, across the southern coast and up the west to the cliffs of Moher. Along the way you will have no problem finding a place to stay as there are bed and breakfasts every 100 ft. We stayed our first night in Kilkenny and the second in Limerick. In every town we came across the people were unbelievably friendly and were always willing to help with directions or anything else you needed. That being said, nobody’s hospitality compared to that of David, Grace, Paul or Siobhan. They found us our bus routes, picked us up from our stop and let us know the best places to go. When time and money allows it, we'll be back!

Jeremy Moore


Our trip was amazing; the highlight of which we all agree would have to be our time riding your bikes. We were very impressed with your operations, equipment and personnel. I could not possibly speak higher of yourself, Paul or David and I have recommended your rental service to all that I speak to. Don?t worry about the extra fee on my card, I feel really bad about forgetting to mention the marks on the Duc to Paul upon our return and please extend my full apologies for neglecting to do so. For your reference the BMW that Jer was riding didn't have much gas in it when he got it, and we had to fill it up very shortly after we parted ways. My favorite place personally was the south of Ireland along the coast; it is such a warm and relaxing environment, making me envious of the people who live there. We partied in all the towns we stayed in, meeting some very friendly locals along the way. We took a little detour to Blarney and Visited the Castle there, each puckering up and kissing the Blarney Stone for good fortune. Our final major destination in the south west was the cliffs of Moher. Although we were a little pressed for time in order to get back at a decent hour we managed to get off the bikes for a bit and walk up to the cliffs and marvel at the view. The next day we did the tour of the Jameson Distillery, where we indulged in some fine Irish whisky, and indulged, and indulge, and indulged!!

Dave Gibbs

Ideal Mount

Paul, I first want to thank you for the wonderful service you provided during my visit to your beautiful country last week. The BMW GS turned out to be the ideal mount for my visit and I had three days of sunshine. Other than another week to explore the rest of Ireland, there was nothing that I would change. I would not hesitate recommending your firm to anyone and look forward to my next rental. Best of luck with continued growth. Aladin

Aladin Abughazaleh

Beautiful Landscape

I left Naas in the early afternoon and headed for Galway which I reached around six p.m. The ride was pleasant in all ways, along motorways and countryside national roads. I decided to enjoy the Connamara coast, and spent the second day morning riding to Roundstone, a small coastal village. The ride was very enjoyable in all ways - fresh, cool air and a spectacular landscape. There was but a few, mostly French, tourists around in Roundstone at this time of the year, which offered a fine opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood and the local brew in peace and quiet. Due to limited time, I had to return to Naas within the following day, and started off early to enjoy the northern half of the coast ending in Clifden and ultimately in Westport without rushing. Once again the ride was very pleasant - good roads in a beautiful landscape. The spring was just about to green the scenery. Just south off Westport I passed a castle which was quite a sight. After Westport, the roads got wider and straighter, and eventually I could keep good speed towards Dublin and Naas, which I reached late in the afternoon. As for the speed limits, I did not feel any need to exceed them. It was not too difficult to find one's way except around Naas, which I found I quite impossible to navigate. You should prepare a road map of the vicinity! The BMW 650 bike performed very well and was easy to ride. Besides the Connamara coast, and after riding, I enjoyed very much the ever-present Guinness stout and Kilkenny ale - and really got the taste for Irish coffee! Best regards, Jens Holm

Jens Holm

Great four days touring

I had a great four days touring the north-east of Ireland on the Moto Guzzi Norge 1200. This is an excellent touring bike which was a pleasure to ride and really ate up the miles in comfort. Like many southerners, I had never traveled much in Northern Ireland, so I headed straight up the motorway to Newry and began the scenic route around the coast from there. If you basically follow the A2 anti-clockwise from Newry it will bring you on a fantastic route around the coast and take in some of the best scenery in Ireland as well as many places made famous in songs or legends. I split the coastal trip into two days ? Newry to Belfast and Belfast to Portrush, to allow me plenty of stops and detours. I will post my suggested routes and maybe you can add them to the routes section. The absolute highlight for me was the sunny Sunday afternoon travelling from Larne around to the Giants causeway via Torr head and the Carrickarede rope bridge. There was a clear view to the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland all the way and what made it even better was it was the day after the Northwest 200 races and so there were literally thousands of bikers on the coast road doing the same trip in the other direction. Everywhere I stopped there were a dozen bikers and the Moto Guzzi, being a fairly rare bike, always brought them over to have a look and a chat. Definitely a great way to see Ireland and thanks to Paul and Grace ? keep up the good work!

Stephen Collins

Thanks again

Hi Grace, I would like to start by thanking you for looking after myself and my brother Mick last week. The experience of renting the bike and hitting Killarney was such a great pleasure and made all the more easier because of your professionalism and it seemed as if we had known you for years when in fact we only met. I'm sure Paul knows what an asset you are to the company and I wish you luck in your future career. Regards Gerry London P.S. if possible and when you get a chance could you please forward the photo you took of Mick and myself. Thanks again.

Gerry Doherty

Fastidious maintenance

Dear Celtic Rider Staff: The memories of my ride through SE and SW Ireland are still fresh in my mind. I want to thank you for finally getting over the many hurdles in arranging for motorcycle rentals in Ireland. Being Irish born and raised, it has always been a dream of mine to ride the beautiful and scenic back roads, and now I will have this opportunity each and every time I get home. For readers of this note, please be assured that the equipment is first class, very well maintained, late model cycles. In addition, the range of motorcycle riding gear available was impressive. Not knowing this, I brought my own gear and rain suit (there is a chance of showers during summer). However, the synthetic suits available are waterproof. I would not bother in carrying my riding gear in the future based on the quality of the gear available, with the exception of my own helmet and gloves, strictly for a comfort assurance standpoint. Another point on the cycles is Paul's fastidious maintenance and upkeep. He has his workshop on site and is meticulous on all maintenance matters, tires etc. Of note to US riders, the tires for Ireland/England are quire different to handle the inevitable wetter conditions. I have no hesitation in recommending Motorcycle Rental Ireland. You will not be disappointed with the equipment, service, the friendship you will receive from Paul and Grace, as well as the many fine rides which Paul can direct you to for your enjoyment.

Martin Nicholson


Hey guys, Just to say that my trip with two friends to Kerry and Galway was a great success, and I particularly appreciated your courtesy in picking me up and setting us down afterwards. The BMW 850 R was an excellent steed for the trip. Despite the torrential rain in Galway, we emerged smiling. The bike was always both forgiving and responsive. Wish you the best for your venture - you deserve to succeed! And by the way Grace - we decided that the best adjective for you is amazing!

Michael Howell

Thanks a Million

Thank a million to all for a great few days on the Transalp. Bike was in brand new condition until I scratched a pannier. But Grace was more that generous and service was great! 100% company and I can't recommend them enough. I will certainly be back over the summer!!

Rob O

Sincere thanks

Both Sabine and I offer our most sincere thanks to Grace for helping to make our recent honeymoon on a motorcycle in Ireland a truly magic time. Luckily, she convinced me to get wet weather gear for my wife and although it didn?t rain it kept her warm & helped avoid any unnecessary fighting on the road... ha ha ha Grace was so considerate and thoughtful at all times and above all is ultra cool. We took the BMW 1150 GS and it rode like a dream.. What a country, what a bike, and what an experience... 11 out of 10!

Paul & Sabine

WOW. Do it

In late May and early June 2008 I did a two stage ride in Europe. My first. Stage one was solo in Ireland on a rental from Motorcycle Rental Ireland Ltd. Stage two was with a professional tour operator doing the Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites. While the riding on the Swiss-Italian portion is incomparable, I find myself looking back more fondly on the Ireland portion. Perhaps it’s partly due to my roots in Newfoundland but more likely it has to do with the first rate and highly hospitable service I received from Celtic Rider. From the very first contact months before the trip, the service was exceptionally good. E-mails were responded to very quickly by manager Grace; suggestions were made for accommodations in Naas where Celtic Rider is located, 45 minutes south west of Dublin. The bus schedule from Dublin, where I was visiting my daughter before the ride, was passed on to me, and on top of all that, you picked me up at the bus stop. In the shop, Paul the owner was all over me making sure the ride was a success, providing a tank bag, helping me secure a dry bag, holding excess luggage for me, and offering key tips on touring Ireland. Under Paul’s tutelage, my whole plan (such as it was) was re-worked due to his research on the weather. ‘Go to Cork Co. where the weather is already good, move up Island after ‘cos the good weather is rolling up there in a couple days’ which turned out to be amazingly prescient. Forwarned about the narrow often-shoulderless twisties I rented an immaculate BMW F650GS which performed flawlessly. This was an exceedingly well-maintained mount. My trip was 7 days only (yeah, you can circle the Island twice in that time, BUT!) and I barely scratched the surface, concentrating initially in the Cork Co. coastal area riding a couple of the finger peninsulas, and part of the Dingle (leaving the Berra and Iverrah peninsulas and tourist-packed Ring of Kerry til next year, or the year after, or the year after that ....) the objective being to get to the West, to Galway, Connemara. Bantry to Kenmare was a great ride (suggested to me on the road) as was Killarney National Park. The Cliffs of Moher, of course. Fogged in initially, but not to worry, did a loop taking in the rocky, beautifully desolate Burren and back early afternoon when the cliffs were semi-clear. Galway to Clifden early evening was awesome as was N59 north of Clifden next day including the Murrisk peninsula loop thru Louisburg which was wonderful. And then Achill Island where I rode all the loops esp. enjoying the Atlantic drive and the road to Keem Bay. The big shock for a North American tour rider is the much smaller scale or Ireland. You look at the map and figure you'll never get there, then by noon you're there and what the hell, I'll do it again! I envision riding Ireland annually for a while, doing the North next year, maybe tying it in with a ferry to Scotland. On a rental from Motorcycle Rental Ireland Ltd, which reminds me ... Peter Griffin Vancouver

Peter Griffin, Vancouver, Canada


Your motorcycles are perfect and in excellent condition, as well as providing an excellent choice; Your availability and hospitality is really excellent. About the trip....The Irish roads are perfect for journeys by motorbike, but Connemara, Dingle peninsula are on the top. Travel between beautiful mountains, lakes and stop sometimes in old pub to drink a beer or, since we are by motorbike, a warm tea with scones is something magical!!!!

Thomas Marson

Fabulous trip

Hi Paul, I just had to stop by and say what a fabulous trip we had around Ireland on the 13 day tour.
The bike was great,really suitable for Ireland, the routes were totally incredible, we didn't realize roads like this existed, simply beautiful and the B&Bs were great too.
All in all, it was a fabulous vacation. Wonderful memories to last a lifetime.
My thanks to you and your staff, especially Paul who is the most genuine business owner I ever met.

Gillian Cooper

Warmest Welcome

Paul gave me the warmest welcome when I came to pick up the F650GS twin BMW I rented.
The B & B's were lovely and took all the hassle out of planning.
The most friendly people in the world.
I had an amazing adventure and the bike was brilliant on those winding roads!
Paul and his staff are just fantastic and seeing Ireland by bike was unforgettable!
I can't wait to do it again!

Lauren Gill

Great Experience

My wife and I rented a R1200GS for a week of riding in Ireland and had a fantastic time.
Our many thanks to Paul and Mick for making this a great experience.
The bike was perfect and was flawless for the ride, as expected.
Thanks to Paul for saving Melanie from the cold, and thanks to Mick for the use of your GPS.
All around, it was a great experience.
See you next year at the Nationals in Salem, I'll buy you a beer, or two.

Greg Turp


We went on the 11 day self guided tour first part of Sept 2012.
We had a great time. The B&B's were great, the riding and scenery were wonderful.
Irish people everywhere you go are so friendly and keen to assist.
I would highly recommend this trip to any one who likes to motorcycle.
With narrow country roads a motorcycle is easier to ride then a car.

Ken and Linda Henderson


Just got back from a Celtic Rider 5 day 4 night tour. What a fantastic time we had. Paul and his staff were great and friendly professional people. Paul mapped us out a route for each day that took us on some of the most scenic coastal and interior roads I have ever been on ! I was on a 2011 BMW R1200gs. the bike performed flawlessly the entire trip. the b&b"s we stayed at were first class all the way. we ate at a different restaurant each night with help from the inn keepers. the food and of course the " Guinness "... spectacular !! I am 63 years old and have been riding motorcycle since 1972..... I could not stop smiling the entire Paul and staff thanks for great vacation, thanks for lasting memories. hope to see you all again.

Larry Costello, Burlington, Vermont, USA

A Must Do

This Celtic Rider package tour is a must do if you're interested in an effortless way to see Ireland via motorcycle. They pick us up at our hotel, outfit us head to toe with excellent all weather riding gear, store our luggage, provide us with a map and pre programmed GPS including our B&B destinations, an inclusive orientation safety course and a beautiful R1200GS for our mount. The sights and the riding in this country are nothing short of amazing! You are in a continuous state of exposure to incredible beauty, the people extremely friendly and welcoming. And the roads...the roads are a continuous series of curves connecting start and stop points. Plan to use the sides of the tires as much as centers and to test your riding skills. I found this to be challenging and rewarding riding. But mostly VERY VERY FUN riding that I highly recommend!

Terry McCartney

Remember the Trip Forever

Sorry we missed you on Monday evening, as we arrived a bit later than planned. Just want to thank you for equipping us for a perfect motorbike tour of SW Ireland. The bikes and gear performed flawlessly, and the scenery was absolutely spectacular! Shelly and I will remember this trip forever, and recommend your shop to any friends coming over in the future.

Bob and Shelly West

Bob and Shelly

One Class Act

Made my reservations in 4 hours time and the Celtic Rider staff were able to take care of my every need, they even picked us up at our hotel even though they didn't have to, took us for a short ride around the area to get the feel for the bike and even picked the bike up for us at the end of our trip. This is one class act operation if you ask me, that's why I am renting from them again as we tour the south route of Ireland in June 2013, can't wait for another great experience to the mother land, thanks again Celtic Rider!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Riley

Fantastic Experience

Planned my trip to Ireland for twenty years! Really counted on Celtic Rider to set up a once in a lifetime experience. I ended this trip feeling like I truly had touched not just the roadways of Ireland but the heart and soul of's people! The folks at Celtic Rider pulled it off! A fantastic experience. I will be coming back... I avoided nearly all tourist sites and concentrated on back roads, villages and smaller cities. There's a welcoming pub in every village serving great meals at affordable rates. Each B & B was top notch and served a traditional Irish breakfast to start every day. There were colorful pubs and good food near each B&B. I was having such a great time I ran a day over my schedule! Seriously, folks, somehow or other I gained a day while enjoying one of the greatest experiences in my life. I had planned this trip for twenty years and left it all in the hands of the folks at Celtic Rider...and they more than pulled it off. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

James Turley

More twisty Roads

Rented a Switchback, my friend an Electroglide and both ran and handled like Harley's should.. Everything worked including the Garmin gps with all our accommodations programmed in. Thanks to Paul for the great route and the booking of quality B&B's in incredible locales. Ireland is beautiful no matter what, but as all us Harley riders know everything looks better from the back of a HOG. To my knowledge with the Closing of the Belfast Harley dealer, Celtic Rider is the only place in Ireland to rent HD's. I believe Ireland offers more twisty roads, and beautiful scenery per mile or kilometer than anywhere I have have ridden including Germany-Austria and New Zealand. 10 days of riding and only about 4 hours of rain. We had the luck of the Irish for sure!

Kurtp Tape

Unforgettable experience

I can't imagine a better way to see Ireland than on a motorbike. The roads are gorgeous and you get a unique chance to fully immerse yourself in the countryside. Paul was beyond helpful with the rental, bikes, suggestions for places to visit and helping us with incredibly detailed directions when we got lost on our way to return the bikes. We were talking about it on the cab ride back to Dublin after our trip that we want to start renting bikes whenever we visit a new place, but that this trip, and this rental shop are going to be tough to beat. Unforgettable experience.

Jacob Ommen

Worth every cent

Hey folks,
I had to take the time to call to thank you all for your part in my fantastic vacation in Ireland.
Your reception of our party reflects the tone of your website, in a word.. homely.
The B&Bs that you arranged were top class, really suited for a group of men, and the breakfasts really set us up for the day.
I will be returning with my wife and hope you will suggest some nice hotels of the "room with a view" variety!
It truly was a vacation of a lifetime and worth every cent!! Keep up the good work.


Clive Bryant

Great Operation

Celtic rider are a great operation! I rented a BMW from them for a few days biking, at short notice. Not only was the bike excellent but the whole service - from the friendly and helpful team to the help and advice on every aspect of the trip. Personal service at its best.Nothing seemed too much trouble (including having to ring up and get replacements for lost keys!). Above all Paul and team know their business, know their bikes and know Ireland, and each customer is seemingly a friend. I can thoroughly recommend them - and be prepared: Ireland is a fascinating place in which to bike, good motorways and roads and places to visit, but also scenic rides through mountains, valleys, lakes and forests. Everywhere - from the poshest restaurant in Waterford, to the humblest cafe, pub, bar and rest stop seemingly offered a warm welcome to bikers. Remember too why Ireland is so green - they specialize in all types of rain! Like me you'll always wish you could stay (and bike) for longer.....

Tim Harrison

Absolutely unforgettable

When my wife found the Celtic Rider website and suggested it as a honeymoon option, I knew the honeymoon would be a good one. I had no idea just how incredible it would turn out to be though. Paul makes things so easy, from providing transfers to his shop, GPS and routes, all the accommodations pre-booked, and a well-maintained motorcycle; he had all the bases covered. All we had to do was show up. We spent 8 days riding and loved every minute. The Irish scenery was like nothing we've ever experienced and varied much more than we ever expected. I had so much fun driving through all the beautiful mountains, valleys, curves, and coastline, while my wife took so many photos and videos from the passenger seat that we ran out the camera batteries several times. Even riding in the worst day of rain Ireland had seen in 60 years led to us meeting several Achill Island locals and experiencing firsthand the notable Irish hospitality in ways we never imagined we would prior to the trip. (Do stop at Ted Lavelle's Pub on Achill, if you go!) Every day was absolutely unforgettable, and I cannot recommend Celtic Rider enough. If you're considering it but are a little unsure, I can tell you: do it, you won't regret it.

Mike Tonsing

True friends

We just got home and can't believe what an amazing trip we had. From a practical standpoint, working with Paul and Celtic Rider could not have been easier. EVERYTHING logistic was perfect, from the airport transportation, to the bikes, the gear, the B&B arrangements, and the absolute ease of arranging a seemingly complicated trip from a continent away, it was all taken care of. From a substantive standpoint, Ireland and its people were spectacular. Everyone was so friendly, especially Paul and staff who truly want to make your trip both memorable and safe. They felt like concerned family members and treated us like true friends. Were we able we would come back soon and often and longer...Thank you so much! If you are considering this trip, you cannot go wrong with Celtic Rider.

Brian Gelb

Pretty cool Trip

Truly, what can I say that hasn't already been said...Awesome! Need I say more? That Paul guy..I tell ya...overall, pretty cool trip. The skeleton of a route was well planned, Paul did a great job in finding B and B's that were worth having actual sex in..(his words, not mine); points of interest well established, properly running bikes that didn't leave me stranded amongst the sheep in the high country. I would totally recommend this place if you are looking to take in a bit of Ireland, but only if you're willing to get away from all the rest and strike out on your own. You really can't get lost and if you do? Oh well. That's what it's all about. Come, see Ireland but see it on a bike and if you do, give these chaps a buzz ring. You won't regret it. Thanks guys for the incredibly good time....David and Mary

Mary And David Montesa Wright

Thanks guys.

One of the best experiences of our lives was a motorcycle tour of Ireland. My wife and I hired a Harley Davidson Electraglide from Celtic Rider in May of 2012. The hospitality and professionalism offered by Paul and Liam was outstanding. As Liam says, " Our guests vacation begins at the airport when we pick them up and does not end until we deliver them back to the airport". This was very true. We were very happy with the entire experience and are expecting to return to Ireland and continue our tour. 8 days was not long enough. Thanks guys.

Jay Doherty

Thanks Celtic Rider!

My wife and I and our two cousins from Germany embarked on a four day quick tour of the southwest coast. Liam could not have been more helpful getting us ready and making sure the bikes were prepared and packed correctly. 60 and sunny in Dublin, 38 and raining with 35mph winds in Dingle. No trouble at all with the bikes (great equipment). On the way back to Dublin, a wrong turn lead us to Lismore. On the road from Lismore to Cahir (669) we did find some sun and great miles and twisties(would highly recommend this ride). Liam and John stayed late to ensure our safe return and even provided us with a ride back to the city.... great service, great time even with the bad weather. Thanks Celtic Rider!

Thom Bond


Paul and the staff could be poster boys for how to provide good service. Ireland and the road system are amazing but still finish second to the professionalism of the Celtic Rider staff. Here's an example; at the end of my tour Liam gave me a ride back to my hotel the Trinity Capital in downtown Dublin. Nothing unusual about that except for the tour of the city, parks and estate homes. When we reached the hotel I discovered I'd left my credit card at the Celtic Rider office. Liam races off finds my card and returns with it. He refuses a tip but settles for my gratitude and a coffee. I plan to return to ride again.

Gordin Warner

What a Blast!

I hate that this took us so long to write, my husband and I rented motorcycles from Celtic Rider in September for his 50th birthday. What a Blast! Paul was so great to deal with and went on a ride with us the first day out to the ploughing festival. These bike are absolutely perfect for touring, I had never riden a BMW before, we ride FZ1 at home, they were so eazy to ride. What a great way to explore Ireland, we definetly went places we would not otherwise have gone with a car and motorcycles attract the locals which makes for great conversation and of course directions.....via the pub. My husband and I dont drink so it was very funny when we did ask for directions it was always around the corner from a pub. We toured the most southern part of Ireland in two weeks with only one day of full rain. Perfect weather for motorcycle touring and perfect time of year with very little crowds. We have done a lot of travel and I would definetly do this one again with Celtic Rider. Cheers, Natalie & Eddie

Natalie & Eddie

You need to do this!

I am living in Dubai and had 2 long biking weekends around Ireland during 2011 with Celtic Rider BMW's (I would have done more if I could) and my little group is already making plans for 2012. It's the best way to see Ireland's wonderful countryside and there are plenty of friendly places to stop (early or late). Short breaks are practical because Paul and Liam have everything organised (bike, insurance, riding gear and customised itineraries) and the Celtic Rider rental station is under 20 minutes from Dublin Airport so you can be on your bike and out in the countryside very quickly. For those of you coming from my part of the world, Etihad and Emirates are offering very decent fares direct to Dublin and your UAE bike licence is acceptable for bike renting in Ireland. Really, if you are a biker, you need to do this! Liam Creaven (GS1200)

Liam Creaven

I loved every minute

Hi Paul
Many thanks for your excellent service, hospitality and help.
This trip was a dream come true! The bike never missed a beat and took me to great places through sunshine, rain and gale-force winds.
I loved every minute of my adventure..

Greetings from a sunny South Africa!!


Kobus (John) Harmse, South Africa

I'll be back

A huge thank you to Paul and team for all the help and of course the motorcycle. I had the most perfect motorcycle trip of my life thanks to these two guys. I have motorcycled all over Canada and the USA and nothing, and I mean nothing will prepare you for a trip to this country. Ireland can only be compared to the best golf courses in the world. It's as if a bunch of bikers got together and built the perfect roads and surrounded them with the best scenery, nicest people, great food and great beer. Let's face it if you ride a motorcycle they are the five things you would love. Most places I have been have two maybe three of them nowhere else in the world has all five. Only Ireland. As Arnie says "I'll be Back"

Conor O Brien

Beautiful Country

Paul, Thank you, again, for your kindness when I was in Dublin. I sure enjoyed the ride and I'm grateful that you were available so I could rent a bike. You provide a great service and I know that your business will continue to grow in the coming years. I'm certainly spreading the word. On our return flight home, everyone in our group was discussing their favorite parts of the trip. While everyone had different suggestions as to their favorite destinations, for me the question was simple. A chance to ride through your beautiful country can't be beaten. I look forward to more days on the bike on my next trip. Thank you! Jim Vanyek PS. Thank you for trusting me when I couldn't find my driver's license. I was rather concerned by it's loss and was grateful when it showed up during my ride. If you would have turned me down back at your shop ( which by all rights you could have), I would have missed the best part of my trip.

Jim Vanyek

Fantastic Holiday

The Irish are the nicest people I've ever met, and the Paul and staff at Celtic Rider are no exception!
Their friendly, energetic personality, outstanding customer service, and first rate motorcycles and equipment are a winning combination.
Everyone should add a motorcycle tour of Ireland to their bucket list.
I'm sureglad I did. Celtic Rider is the new standard by which I'll judge other motorcycle rental companies.

Thank you for the fantastic holiday!

Eddie Weick

Without equal

For all of you readers with a "bucket list"...Celtic Rider is the place to hire a bike for your tour of Ireland. Paul supplied all the gear...we just showed up, checked out the bike and off we went. Paul had our first day's route programmed into the GPS so it was just a matter of adjusting to the road. B&B's were wonderful and the scenery is without equal. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and highly recommend Paul and Celtic Rider for your Irish holiday. Cheers Paul and thanks for an unforgettable experience. Brian and Diana

Brian Hofler

Top notch

My friend Eddie and I took a motorcycle tour of Ireland at the end of September 2011. Paul had everything ready to go as soon as we landed. He had arranged for a taxi to take us directly to his rental station. When we got there, the BMW bikes were prepped and ready. Paul took us on a familiarization ride into the hills outside of Dublin. The ride and the view were phenomenal. Our trip took us around the entire island, including Northern Ireland, staying mostly on the coastal roads. It was a fantastic ride. The scenery was beautiful and the Irish are the friendliest people on the planet! Celtic Rider is a truly top notch professional outfit. They genuinely want visitors to enjoy their stay and they do everything in their power to make that happen. I've rented bikes in other places, but none can compare to Celtic Rider. Thanks again to Paul and his team for everything!

Madison Howard


Thanks for a great bike and the service you gave me.
The killalane races, followed by three days of interesting riding in hurricane weather just added to the fun.
You guys are phenomenal.
You provide a rental service next to none.
I would recommend you to anyone wanting to rent a bike in Ireland.

Thanks again Paul and Liam. Hope you got the muck of the bike!

Gordon Russell


Hallo Paul, hallo Liam, unseren besten Dank für die wunderschöne Tour mit der F650GS. Es ist einfach unglaublich mit welchem Engagement ihr nseren ersten Trip durch Irland unterstützt habt. Dafür vielen, vielen Dank. Angefangen mit den wirklich tollen "Insider"-Tipps", über die persönliche Begleitung von Dublin bis zu den Wicklow Mountains (Liam, many thanks that you put us throuhgh at 8-10! wind speed!!!) bishin zum herzlichen Empfang nach unserer Tour ! Die Maschine lief tadellos, wir fühlten uns absolut gut und Dank des GPS und natürlich eurer Tipps haben wir in einer Woche (12. - 17. September) alle Sehenswürdigkeiten rund um die Insel auf der fast genau 2000 km umfassenden Tour genossen. Beim nächsten Mal lassen wir uns bestimmt mehr Zeit das faszinierende Land zu "erfahren". Für uns steht fest, das war nicht das letzte Mal in Irland. Und Eines ist sicher: Die Motorräder leihen wir uns bestimmt wieder bei Celtic-Rider, weil wir uns keinen besseren Service vorstellen können !!! Wir wünschen Celtic-Rider viel Erfolg, dass wir noch lange Motorräder leihen können (dann vielleicht eine 1200er GS !). Nochmals lieben Dank und "weiter so" :-) !!! Mechtilde und Frank vom Niederrhein

Frank Harder

Bucket List

There are a few things I've found that go into making a great trip - a bike that runs and handles well, people to help you when you need it, and great sites and people to see and visit. Paul and his team provided the great bikes, travel advice and support while on the road - and did it with a smile and expertise.

The country in beautiful and a place every travel biker should put on their "bucket list" of places to go before they hang up their boots.

If you use Celtic Rider, you won't be disappointed.

Brian Silva

Special adventure

Hallo Paul, John, and Noel (the great taxidriver ;)) thank you for a great time in your country!

Paul, to make it short: thank you so much for the special adventure "hunting the voucher" :) the welcoming and the service quality of Paul were amazing, the cookies in the shop, delicious... the service of John at the last day was great, too. He packed us with information on things to do.

We smiled the whole time. the rest of our ireland trip was a wonderful experience, we will be back again soon! we cant wait to get back!

Thank you guys

Nana and Stefan

Never forget

My first visit to Ireland and I can't imagine any other way to experience this incredible country than on a motorcycle. I rented one of the GS1200's. This bike is a legend and the one I was provided was in excellent condition. I went with the GPS option...and it is well worth the cost to literally NEVER be lost. Paul and his team helped alleviate many questions and concerns in my planning stage of my 5-day tour. They provided tons of great information and recommendations that were spot on. I flew into Dublin on a Monday and after collecting my baggage, easily found my driver which was pre-arranged by Celtic Rider, and we were off for our 20 min drive to their facility where I picked up my bike. They had it all ready and I was on my way much faster then I thought. I was able to leave extra bags at their facility that I did not need for my tour. The bike was flawless (except for a security alarm that refused to behave but was only a small nuisance). Paul and his team were only a phone call away when I had a question on the road about the BMW (which I forgot to ask in my eagerness to hit the road). It was an epic 5 days and I only got about 1/2 as far as I thought...will have to plan a second trip. Celtic Rider provided a great bike and great service that allowed me to have an incredible experience I will never forget and have a lifetime to brag about. Thanks Paul and let me know if you ever get any Ducati's back in your fleet.

Brian Waldron

Thank you :)

People told me I'd fall in love with Ireland and they weren't wrong. What a beautiful place, perfect for touring by bike. Our trip was made even better because we hired from Paul at Celtic Rider - being a girl with a short inside leg I thought I might struggle, but the factory lowered F650GS with low seat was just perfect (this was the first F650GS I've ridden, I normally ride an SV650S which I share with my husband, and which he rode on the trip). We arrived on a Sunday and Paul came and opened up the shop for us, and he even spent his Sunday afternoon guiding us along the military roads in the Wicklow Mountains - what a lovely bloke with a fantastic passion for Ireland and bikes. The bike was just perfect, especially with the luggage, and it rode beautifully on the 1000-mile-ish trip to Waterford, Killarney and Ennis. Thank you :)

Zoe Homes

Don't hesitate

So we were a bit unsure, first time in Ireland, first time renting a bike. Until we arrived at Paul's shop. A welcome as a friend, patience towards beginners, all practical advise, a safe bike.

We followed Paul's tips & tricks and we had a dream week.

Don't hesitate, Celtic rider is a safe harbour.

Best wishes

Lieven & Eva Dhaenens

Breathtaking beauty

Paul and Company Employees, Thank you for your hospitality and dedication, both enabled me to have the time of my life on our 7 day trek crisscrossing the Emerald Isle. The rental you provided ran flawlessly and the riding gear provided made it possible to ride under any conditions. We rode over 2000 km and experienced breathtaking beauty I will never forget. As I crossed the Atlantic headed for home in Rhode Island I concluded at 65 years young our trip was one of the true highlights of my existence. Thanks again and keep the Guinness cold. George

George Brough

Hallo Paul und Team

Hallo Paul und Team ! nachdem zwischenzeitlich meine Schwiegermutter verstorben ist melde ich mich erst jetzt um meinen Kommentar abzugeben. Als jahrelanger Fan Irlands ,mit irischer Abstammung und britischem Paß, bereiste ich das Land bereits mit dem Fahrrad,Boot und Auto. Für eine Rundreise mit dem Motorrad begeisterte ich zusätzlich 3 Freunde .Um den Transport von Motorrädern zu vermeiden suchte ich einen Vermieter in Irland. Mein erster Kontakt per Internet stellte sich gleich als Volltreffer heraus. Die gesamte Vorbereitung ( Bestellung,Bezahlung usw. der Motorräder ) wurden mit Unterstützung von celticrider ( Paul ) ein Kinderspiel. Am Anreisetag 16.05.11 checkten wir für eine Nacht im von Paul empfohlenen Hotel ein .Am folgenden Tag übernahmen wir ohne Probleme unsere Motorräder für die nächsten 2 Wochen ( BMW 650 ) .Nicht benötigtes Gepäck durften wir bei Paul zurücklassen. Da wir Irland im Bereich der Küste umrunden wollten begleitete uns Paul auf seiner Maschine die ersten Kilometer durch das Labyrinth der Motorways rund um Dublin .Die nächsten 2 Wochen fuhren wir auf Schnellstraßen,Nebenstraßen und teilweise nur Straßen ähnelnden Wegen was jedoch dem Spaß und der Freude keinen Abbruch tat.Unsere gemieteten Motorräder haben uns dabei zu verlässlich begleitet. ZumEende der Tour fuhren wir dann auch noch ins landesinnere. Wir haben sehr viel von land und seinen Bewohnern gesehen und die obligatorischen Besuche abends in diversenPpups hat uns den Menschen näher gebracht. Als Abschluss verbrachten wir noch 2 Nächte in Dublins Temple Bar. Ich empfehle jedem als Unterkunft bei Rundreisen B&B . Individueller und ursprünglicher kann manLand und Leute nicht kennenlernen. Zuletz möchte ich Paul und seinemTeam nochmals danken und ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg wünschen.ich werde celticrider auch Freunden und Bekannten empfehlen und ich werde wiederkommen . God bless you ! MR B Brian-Wolfsburg-Germany

MR B Brian-Wolfsburg, Germany

The Great Ireland Roadtrip

The Great Ireland Roadtrip -- that’s what the Celtic Rider tagline says. Could it be true? True beyond doubt it is! I spent nine days riding Ireland’s roads following the routes suggested by Paul and the folks at Celtic Rider. Traveling from Dublin to Donegal, exploring the way to the 2000ft high Slieve League Cliffs through the Glengesh Pass, riding the Westport area, experiencing Bunratty and the Cliffs of Moher in Clare and finding the way to Killarney through the heights of the Conor Pass was an unparalleled opportunity to experience the sights and meet the people of Ireland riding roads that are a delight for an experienced motorcyclist. Broad sweepers, tight s curves and the occasional hairpin or two in the mountains brought continuous smiles to my face. Beyond each turn a new vista of the Irish countryside waited to be revealed -- villages and towns, green valleys, quiet rivers, mist shrouded mountains and breath taking coastal views will stay with me. When it was time to stop for a break or for the day, the people were open and friendly and willing to make a stranger feel at home -- the barman at the pub, the folks at the next table or the bus driver taking a break in the parking lot were all gracious and sharing -- you cannot ask for more. Paul, Mick and the rest of the folks at Celtic Rider were helpful and supportive and most importantly available when needed. During the journey I needed to call in with a concern and it was resolved quickly and on a Sunday no less. The folks at Celtic Rider love Ireland and want to share their country with the visitor. The routes combine less travelled roads, beautiful sites and a little history giving the traveler a flavor of the place. The hosts and accommodations at the B&B’s selected by Celtic Rider are first class. The Irish hosts make sure the motorcyclist has what is needed -- whether it’s a towel to dry off a wet bike or a place to hang leathers for a time. The rooms are comfortable and the food is plentiful and good! (Miss the pancakes at Rossmore Manor and you miss a tasty treat.) I’m pleased beyond words with the experience and would not hesitate to recommend Celtic Rider to anyone interested in a motorcycle tour. The Great Ireland Roadtrip? Yes it is! Don’t miss it.

John McMahon, USA

What's wet and cold and green all over?

What's wet and cold and green all over? The answer lies beneath. My wife and I have had a long-time ambition to put on a pair of jeans and desert boots (that just shows how long we have been thinking about this, as desert boots are not a recent craze) and to ride through Ireland. We have just returned from a fantastic 9 days ride (on a BMW R1200GS) through some of the most majestic, quaint and awe inspiring scenery the world has to offer. For those who haven't had the pleasure of capturing Ireland in their camera lenses, let me fill you in on what this country has to offer. First, the people are a delight. They are like us, they have a sense of humour like us and they are as equally welcoming and gracious. And they love their country so are proud to show it off. Secondly the scenery is vast. Where Australia has a lot to offer in the form of mountains, ocean drives, forests and towns, these offerings are interspersed with long boring bits such as bitumen roads and dust. The scenery per Km travelled is limited. On the other hand, Ireland has a continuous stretch of panoramic, compact and unique offerings, from dry stone walled lanes, to vast open vistas with quaint cottages and green valleys. Mountain passes are intoxicating as are fishing villages and olde time ruins of centuries past. It is a little like riding through Tasmania only more so....much more so! There are no cars to bother you and only the odd tour bus (full of older Americans) vies for your private space on the road. We saw spectacular ocean views with vertical cliffs rising a 1000 feet straight out of the water. We saw plateaus of flat craggy rocks sprawled out across the beaches where you would expect to see sand, on these rocks cattle were grazing. Narrow roads with tight twisting bends were sprinkled every few hundred metres and defining these roads were magical dry stoned walls built by long gone men and boys. Mountain passes overlooked quiet deep blue Loughs, while sheep grazed beside the roads. Old piles of stone were whispers of past lives, where once a family had attempted to survive on desolate but beautiful landscapes. Pubs and villages were like beacons on a runway as they dotted the passages between refuelling stops. The wind told you that it was cold outside as it eagerly attempted to whisk the wheels from under you. We were entombed within our helmets and riding gear, aware of the beauty and not of the elements. Oh, what a sensation overload! We happened to tour between 20-28 April 2013 and have since learnt that Ireland, while officially in Spring time, has had their coldest winter/spring in 50 years. While it was cold (some days it didn't get above 7.5 0C until after noon), wet and windy most days, we felt snug, relaxed and completely at ease on our trusted bike. As they say...."its the clothes that maketh the man/women" and we certainly had the right clothes for such a trip. It also helps to have the right sustenance.... such the odd pint of Guinness and pot of Irish Stew. doesn't get much better than that !! This trip wouldn't have happened if we had not happened upon "Celtic Riders". Celtic Riders is a company founded by Paul Rawlins (small business award winner in Ireland for 2013). His company hires out BMWs, fully kitted out with panniers/top box, riding gear (gloves, boots, jacket, helmet and riding pants) and a GPS Garman listing all points of interest, including each nights pre-arranged B&B. He arranges to pick you up at your hotel and drop you back at the conclusion of your trip; he even stores your luggage. Roadside assistance is also included should you encounter any problems along the way. His trip notes ensure that you get the most out of your ride, he highlights points of interest and areas where care should be taken eg. narrow winding roads. All in all Paul provides a "One stop shop" experience where everything runs like clockwork. Our B&B accommodations were situated in beautiful locations, they were comfortable and clean while our hosts were warm and friendly. Paul was the perfect Ambassador for Ireland. What a wonderful experience we had! I can now put a line through this item on my "Bucket List"......a "Spitfire" flight is next!

Sue & Ken Levi, Australia

Back in Austria with a sunburnt nose, full camera and a bunch of good memories...

Back in Austria with a sunburnt nose, full cameras and a bunch of good memories from our week long trip along the Wild Atlantic Way. For five years I persuade my fellow workers to join in and this year my colleague Richard hooked in for his very first trip to Ireland. He rode a BMW F650GS and I on a Yamaha XVS 650, both bikes in immaculate condition. I have to admit that the BMW is a bit more agile than the Yamaha on Irish roads, but if one is used to ride a low chopper-stile bike (like me :-) it’s the best you can get. We rode the southern part of the WAW from Tramore along the Copper Coast to Cobh and on to Kinsale; out the Sheeps Head and over the Beara peninsula, a bit of the Ring of Kerry to Dingle. Connor Pass to the Shannon ferry on to the Cliffs of Moher and along the coast road to Kinvara. Then back to the east with a stop in Kilbeggan. Because of the Irish weather (always sunny, 23C ) I had used up all my T-shirts at halftime (soaked with sweat), nobody at home believed us that I counted just five (5!) drops of rain on my visor during the entire week. Again I found my already high expectations excelled by the scenery, the weather, the people, the food and drink (Thank you Arthur), and just riding along the roads. And last but not least the excellent and professional but yet compassionate way we were looked after by the Celtic Rider family. Thank you and all the best!

Andreas C. and Richard N.

Celtic Rider - Respected Worldwide

Paul Rawlins, owner of Celtic Rider is an official Ambassador for tourism in Ireland. He was part of a team chosen by the Minister of Transport, Tourism & Sport to create what is now known as the Wild Atlantic Way. Celtic Rider has the backing of Fáilte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority, Bórd Failte and the Irish Tourism Board in bringing tourism to Ireland. Paul led the Adventure Travel Tourism Association’s (ATTA) around the Wild Atlantic Way when it was first launched in 2014.

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